Off The Wall, May 28, 2010

Back in the 50’s, I presume I heard a song that had a catchy melody. The trouble with those types of songs is that they stick in one’s mind. So, here it is, some 55 years later or so, and I am still hearing someone or some group singing that melody. It goes, “You’ve gotta have heart, all you really need is heart,” and that’s all I remember. But I bet there is someone among my readers whom can clue me in as to the rest of the words.

I wonder why someone hasn’t written a song, “You’ve got to have brain, all you really need is brain…” Maybe it’s the fact that brain has only one interpretation and heart has several. Thoughtless persons often refer to other individuals using adjectives such as weird, stupid, dumb. They may use these words as stating they really are “brainless,” but I never hear that. I just use the other words, instead.

But we all know, when the lyricist of that song wrote the words, “You have to have heart, all you really need is heart,” it is my opinion, he was referring to the fact that we should be a little more compassionate toward others. I’ve often heard people exclaim, “Give me a break!” Suppose they are stating, “Give me some slack. You don’t have to go exactly by the letter of the law.”

Compassion goes a long way into letting others know one cares. Just by turning to others and commenting, “Hey, can I lend you a hand,” “Let me help,” or “Let me carry some of those for you”, will go a long way in taking a cross off another’s back, or demonstrating the good that one possesses.I am a true believer that all Christians must have heart. If we are to pattern our emotions after Jesus Christ, then it should be second nature to always be aware of our actions and what is going on around us. When we see need, we should immediately help our brothers or sisters. If members of families look out for each other, and Christians do the same as members of God’s family, then it only stands to reason, we must follow suit.

There is one company that makes traps to catch animals alive. It’s call Have-a-Heart. The creatures walk in to eat the bait displayed in the middle and the doors close on either side trapping them. When the person attends to the cage, he can then transport it to another location with the creature inside, eventually letting it go in new surroundings.

To me, having all heart means one is all-giving, all-loving and takes pleasure by giving without the thoughts of receiving. I’m sure we have come across individuals who bear these traits. My mother used to be that way. When she saw something in a catalog, she would order it for one of us three children and surprise it with the words, "“Hey, I thought you could use this in your house or when you go fishing.”

Freddie Rover was that type of guy. When he saw something while shopping or learned of a new invention, if it didn’t cost an arm and a leg, so to speak, he would buy things for others. Upon calling people and telling them he had found something that could be useful for them and that he was giving it to them as a gift, very often, people seldom stopped by to pick the items up. Did that stop Rover in his tracks? No way. The idea he maintained was to move on. He continues to do that today, even though, I am told, people still fail to pick up some items, but that doesn’t discourage him.

If God has graced one with being all heart, then, I believe the giver will be blessed by continuing to do what he loves so much, being a thoughtful giver and then move on. Even though many people didn’t appreciate Freddie’s efforts, there were others who graciously received the gifts, and that made it all worth while. In a sense, that’s like adding fuel to a fire.

Giving to others doesn’t always have to done so in big ways. Sometimes the little things in life will reflect the light needed for others to carry on when hope is dim.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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