Have Heart
Off the Wall, July 21

I was walking down the street recently when a particular muscle came to mind and right away, thoughts started surfacing.

I first started singing the song made popular by Eddie Fisher back in 1955. It was called, ‘You’ve Gotta Have Heart,’ with the continuation of the stanza stating, “All you really need is heart…” I bet that brings back memories.

Of course, my mind went into motion right away as you probably figured, for the idea behind it is loaded with so many truisms.

Then I had to laugh. Could it be sung, “You don’t need a heart, you don’t really need a heart…’’ Physically speaking, if we didn’t have a ticker, we couldn’t be a kicker or a licker, we couldn’t bicker or even be a picker. When it comes right down to it, we just wouldn’t be.

Our heart muscle is the pumping station of the body that keeps the blood flowing that provides oxygen throughout our bodies, for example.

But when Fisher sang that song, he wasn’t referring to the central organ of the vascular system. Instead, he was relating to feelings emotions and passions pertaining to women, right?

When I began to really thinking about that word. All of a sudden, an associate of many years ago came to mind. Hertha’s Beatrix’s Aunt Definya, from Bethedeenia, Maryland, was walking near the White House one day when a beggar came up to her and asked she would put something in his cup. Not being too sure about being in a big city, she always keeps some loose change in a pocket in case someone would approach her.

Immediately, she dropped three quarters into his container. The dirty, unshaven vagrant wanted more, and started swearing at her, calling her names. Definya was taken aback by the whole episode. It could clearly be seen that she really did have heart by donating something toward the cause. Actually, I bet she felt that he had his right foot on her heart.

This fictitious story is one of many example of the word, heart.

Most of us have had our hearts broken at one time or another. If my heart ever broke, it would have to be dried up first becoming a bit brittle. Then the possibility exists. Otherwise, forget it.

Going through the New American Bible, I came upon this: “If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9). Now, there are nine areas of the heart. In what part of one’s heart is the writer making reference? It’s definitely not the inferior vena cava or the posterior coronary artery with vein, is it? It must be the superior vena cava, which makes sense to me. And for sure it’s not the aorta, for that’s the pumper, for you can’t keep something in when you are pushing something out!

I was talking to a friend of mine while returning from downtown a couple of weeks ago. She was telling me about being heartsick about how the way her children treat her. I began to wonder if she had coronary artery disease, high cholesterol or heart erythema. It turned out that her heart health was fine. But, it were the acts of her kids that weren’t.

She stated, “You know there is no respect these day. It’s all me, me, me. That’s all what my kids talk about all the time.”

Then she followed up her story with something very interesting. “You know, when my pappy brought us kids up, we were taught the Lord’s Prayer, the Holy Rosary, and other prayers we had to learn. There’s none of that anymore. Kids don’t want to say those things.”

Then I said, “Do you remember how they go?” “Oh, sure,” she stated. “Then, do yourself a favor. When you go home, or even here, since you are resting for a while, recite the Lord’s Prayer, and then the Rosary. Pray for your children. God is listening and He knows your heart.”

I could have been smart and told her He ought to know it, He created it. But I let that ride for now. I’m still learning, there is a place and a time for everything.

Any of us who have children who have strayed from the pews know what she is going through. It’s actually heart wrenching.

Want to unload your burdens today? Have a heart-to-heart talk with Jesus.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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