In Healing
Off the Wall, March 2, 2017

Not long ago, I returned to my Saturday morning Bible study sessions whereupon I arrived in time to meet up with the leader of the class. Since I hadn’t been there for a spell we cheerfully greeted each other. It didn’t take long until we got on the subject of health issues. He stated, “You just wait. It sure won’t get any easier!”

That is something we all don’t want to think about. That’s why I like the expression, “Live for today, for you know not what tomorrow will bring.” The thing about today is that it goes by so fast for some of us that keeping busier than maybe we should, that tomorrow comes faster than we want.

If I do think about tomorrow, it’s hopefully living in eternal life with the Trinity. But there are so many things I want to do first before I go to meet our Creator.

While sitting in church the other morning, the Holy Spirit spoke to me with words of wisdom that never crossed my mind. It had to do with the subject of healing, something many of us have encountered over the many years we’ve been alive.

Ever since we’ve been kids, we had our bumps and bruises, scrapes and cuts or operations that set us back, some requiring us to lay low and wait and hope for the best. Just think, if we weren’t subject to all those “boo boos,” there would be a whole lot of people out of work!

As much as people don’t want some to fall victim to illness, in a sense, they really do, because if we never got a cut, concussion, or appendectomy, they would never get a paycheck.

I know I’m getting away from the subject at hand, but all over the country, big pharmaceutical chain stores are popping up full of medicines, most of which can be bought over the counter. Every day some researchers comes up with prescriptions that are sold 30 capsules or tablets in an orange little snap cap bottle that are labeled, “Don’t use if operating machinery,” “May cause drowsiness,” or “Drink with lots of water.”

One never knows what drug may appear on the television screens daily. All one needs to do is wait and eventually a company may produce “Elitepukeno,” “Stumcalm,” or “Acidnoelim” for upset stomachs. Using one’s imagination, many more could be added to the list and a name similar could be added to the list.

It seems many names of drugs look like people’s last names. If we were to go along those lines, I could say, there is a cure for Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinated Polyneuropathy. It’s called Volkmann. Other names (Fictitious) that may follow are Ouchifooter for a stubbed toe or Skineriti for hangnails. Any way you get the idea, I hope.

But getting back to the subject at hand, we all are encountering crosses to bear. If we handle them the wrong way, they will only get worse. In other words, let an infection get worse and it will have serious consequences. Treat it with care and one may see an improvement over time. Those two words may have more of a lasting effect than may be realized.

Healing doesn’t always have to apply to flesh wounds, but also dealings with family, neighbors, associates and friends, close or otherwise. How we treat others or how they treat us may develop discourse. The scriptures tell us “We must love thy neighbor as ourselves.” Don’t state, “I don’t love myself, so there’s no reason to love my neighbor.” That’s a cop-out!

What we are to do is unconditionally love one’s neighbor regardless of how one thinks of himself. That is a message Jesus brought with Him when God sent Him onto this earth to share God’s message. If the Trinity unconditionally loves us, we are to do the same to our brothers and sisters.

Peace and calmly work and talk out one’s differences. Nothing is gained by having shouting matches. Healing with one’s relationship to another develops peace. Those who spread peace are missionaries of one’s faith.

But the healing the Holy Spirit shared with me that morning was this. “As we bear all the infirmities we are going to struggle with, keep in mind that healing also means striving to get closer to God. In healing, the ‘willing’ will become one with Him.”

Despite our infirmities, may our healing be ever mindful as we near eternal life with God.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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