I Am
Off the Wall, January 5, 2017

When I was in grade school, one of the things I remember is that we had to conjugate phrases. The left side of the wording stated, “I am, you are, he/she is. Corresponding to these words on the right are: we are, you are, they are.”

Grammatically speaking, each line refers to persons. The grouping on the left is singular persons, the second, plural persons.

Answer this one question for me. How can a person be plural? “Thank God,” you are probably thinking, “there is only one of me.” You wouldn’t want to be two of me, would you?

I know I am a piece of work. But I look at it this way. God created me to be me as “I am.” So, I am what I am who I am. He didn’t create me to be you or someone other than you. He made me, me, and that is that.

When he created you, he didn’t create you to be me or someone else, did He? You are you because that is how He designed you. Maybe you are grateful, maybe you’re not. It doesn’t matter. You are because it just works out that way. You as a singular person are who you are, and nobody can dispute that.

Looking at others, it’s plain to see he or she is. It’s what he or she is that should concern us. We see he or she differently. It’s not as simple as the first two persons, is it? Each person that God created “came out of another shell” and is his own human being. At least that’s how I see it as a seventy-three year-old senior.

Just because I am the way I am and you are the way you are doesn’t make he or she the same as us both. That’s the simplicity of basic thought. Where it gets more complicated is the “pluralization” of the conjugation process. Spell Check says there is no such word. Fine, I’ve just coined a Peeveeism.”

Moving on…

If we are in plural, that’s scary. How many of me must there be? I wonder if me in plural have all different personalities or the same? I imagine I have to completely understand who I am before I can duplicate my personalities.

As I see it, “I am” like no other. Sometimes I absolutely don’t act my age, and other times, I am very serious. I am God’s creation who loves to talk about Him. The reason for that statement is based on simplicity. He said if I look up to Him and follow His ways, He will fill me with such excitement that I would yearn to be as He has instructed me through His Word.

On the other hand, I am not perfect and make many mistakes. He is there to help me through my blunders and refill my “downs” with “ups.” That’s the beginning and the most joyous part of who I am.

You are the only one who knows who you really are in both singular and plural. I’m not to judge who you are. You decided to walk the path you are taking, and that’s that.

He is and she is for that very same reason. I have to accept that.

However in both your case and their case, (he and she), I am persuaded, through the Holy Spirit, to share with you the graces and mercies of God’s kingdom, I will do so lovingly, for He is all about unconditional love and I have learned to sense that feeling.

It gets more complicated when I start discussing the “plural” versus the “singular.”

“We are” one society, a grouping of individuals all clumped together with individual philosophies. It only makes sense that persons will cause division and form cliques creating similar characteristics.

In plural, you may stand individually flaunting your own “right.” As a “pluralist,” you strive to conform to societies’ trends, coloring your hair in various hues, sticking metal objects on your bodies or tattooing your person to let others know your persuasion. As I see it, you are doing these things to conform to societies’ demands as a way of calling attention.

I know who I am. I hope you know whom you know are. We have only to wonder if they know who they are. We could ask them if they know. The only problem to that is that they may ask who we are and that may pose doubt or will it?

- Paul J. Volkmann
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