In The World
Off the Wall, March 16
, 2012

The other day I needed something to affix to one of my tools, so I visited the local hardware store and was greeted by Phil Claudmeister. I showed him what I wanted. We visited the back of the store where he laid his hands on it and then we returned to the front of the building.

As we talked, one thing led to another, and he blurted out, “You know, people nowadays don’t have any shame!” Truer words have never been spoken. Both of us, I’m sure, live in a time period where people do, say, and dress as they wish.

I need not bring to your attention the fact that women display much too much flesh, as far as that goes. Worldly people love it. But we who call ourselves Christians who live in this world have to make the best of it. If we are striving to maintain a godly life, abiding by His word and diligently making every effort to draw closer to Him, we are not of this world even though we have to live in it. Our goal is to thrive on the spiritual attributes.

I can just hear someone now – “Hey there, Pee Vee. That is too heavy for me.” But think about it. All the chaos, mish mash, people following trends of tattooing, attaching metal objects to different parts of the body and both sexes showing off what is sold as underwear are worldly in nature.

“Oh, Pee Vee, you just wouldn’t believe what I have to go through when it comes to peer pressure.” Back when I was growing up, we all were pressured by one thing or another to be cool. Thank God, we weren’t forced to do certain things to be considered part of the “in-crowd.” Back then, we all did do something – even yours truly, but nothing as bad as what the youth are forced to do today; they haven’t learned to separate themselves from the world to concentrate more on the spiritual.

“Sure, Pee Vee. I can just see it now. All of us who chose this spiritual route will exist in transparent form, not having a care, not being pressured to do anything, and being a “groupie” with all the other spiritual people that change from living in the world to beginning a relationship with God.”

Sorry, but there isn’t any hocus pocus to committing one’s life to Christ while living in the world. As one writer put it, “If we choose Jesus, our lives will change – and dramatically. We won’t just be living as 'mere mortals' anymore. We will find ourselves filled with the grace and power of Almighty God! We will be able to love the unlovable, to forgive the unforgivable, and to overcome the insurmountable. It may be costly. There may be challenges and difficulties along the way, but we can be confident that as we choose Jesus, our lives will be marked by confidence and hope." (From The Word Among Us, Daily Meditations for Lent 2012, February 22 – April 7, Joe Difato, publisher).

I was taking part in a prayer meeting recently when one of the gentlemen petitioned God for “Peace in the world.” At first, I didn’t think much about it. Then it hit me. There will never be peace in this world unless Christ returns and establishes it.

As long as man has self-interests and greed, we will always have unrest. Take a moment and try to visualize the whole world in total peace – people always looking out for his neighbor with a loving and giving attitude. There would be no more drugs, war and criminal activities. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, as the saying goes. We wouldn’t need armed forces, police agencies or people holding down positions as justices of peace. Since all people would be walking with God and not away from him, what a splendid time we would all have. “I could dig it,” as the old saying goes.

Everyone would always be friendly, courteous and willing to give others a hand regardless of what plans others had down the road. Anger management programs would be eliminated. And holding cells in police departments would be a thing of the past. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it.

While talking to a gent at the Monroeville Convention Center a number of weeks ago, he brought up an interesting observation of which I was not aware. He said, “The women of the north seem to be more materialistic than those of the south.” I have no proof if this is truth other than to say that those who always place their hope in having possessions, thinking that this is the root of happiness, are definitely missing the boat.

If you don’t come away with anything else after reading this column, keep in mind that by reading the whole Bible, making God’s Word come to life and separating yourself mentally from the world will change your life dramatically. Take my word for it!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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