Jesus Eat?
Off the Wall, November 13,

A while ago, a neighbor threw a question at me that aroused my curiosity. The statement – “What would Jesus Christ eat if He walked the earth today?”

Now, one has to admit, there is a stretch of time that has evolved since He was sent into the world. Peoples’ eating habits back then and ours today have drastically changed, in my opinion. But, I didn’t want this column to be entirely my thoughts, so I decided to turn to my readers and see if they would share their insights, as well.

I’ve been told many times that my stories often make persons think. But this is the first collection of thoughts that have made me ponder a bit. So let’s get started.

Burt Margarino, Genral, MD, went through an elaborate explanation when he chose the foods that he thought Jesus would eat if He was with us now. He included: a moderate amount of spinach, steamed rainbow trout, chocolate chip cookies and potato chips (great treats), Big Macs (fine every once in a while), pizzelles, chicken, coffee, mashed potatoes with gravy, almonds, butter (not as good as olive oil), bananas, hot spicy foods, pancakes with maple syrup and spaghetti sauce.

Amy Birds, Oneshot, VA, also placed spinach on top of the list. A little more choosey, she agreed steamed rainbow trout would be a diet choice, poached eggs, pizzelles, kale, mashed potatoes with gravy, and potato chips.

Harriet Cleenhouser, Monroeville, PA, gave great thought to what she chose before marking my “78910-JE Survey.” Her picks included: spinach, white rice, bananas, steamed rainbow trout, mashed white potatoes with gravy.

Smiley Dimplenogen, Sindeekin, ME, stated, “I think he’s way too smart to eat stuff all bad for you, but I also think He’d want to enjoy some really tasty stuff, too, because I think He’d want to enjoy life. She added, “Everything in moderation.” She then checked: steamed rainbow trout, chocolate chip cookies, pizzelles, chicken, kale, almonds, butter, bananas, hot spicy foods and spaghetti sauce for her choice picks.

But if there were ever two people that spend a great deal of time selecting choices as to what Jesus would eat and those foods He would never touch, it would have to be Milt and Iris Soaphaven, Organical, IL. They actually created a “yes” and “no” list. Some of His suggested “Go-to foods” included: fish, bread, couscous, goat, lamb, figs, olives, wine, oranges, plums, grapes, avocados, rice, nuts, carrots, chicken, cabbage, zucchini, honey, almonds, dates and squab.

The couple definitely implied that Jesus would never touch such food choices as: fast food, pork, hot dogs, apples, tea, coffee, beer, pop, chocolate, cookies, cake, cereal, corn, ice cream, tuna, soy milk, tofu, potatoes, wheat grass, broccoli, asparagus, alligator, shark, eel, elk, deer, bear, pumpkin, cherries, squash, cucumbers, macaroni, and lasagna.

The following question one has to ask, after reading all the choices selected above, fits right into what I asked as my follow-up. “If Jesus walked and ate among sinners “eating anything,” should we be inclined to do the same, following the example of our Lord?

One man wrote back and asked, “Is there a trick to this survey?” This is where I was led to think. My thought provoking survey was turning into a think-thought-think-thought-think-thing. Never really planned it that way.

Cleenhouser answered my second question, “Would Jesus be eating at fast food restaurants, ingesting such foods as Big Mac, triple stacked hamburgers, or would He be more picky as what He puts in His body?” with her comment, “He would not be so frivolous! He would eat simple.”

Dimplenogen additionally stated, “Whatever Jesus does, it has to be the right thing.”

Walker Richant, Pittsburgh, PA, stated, “I’m sure I would do anything Jesus did.” Does that narrow things down or leave it wide open, now you tell me?

Margarino commented to the second part, “Eat what you can afford and thank God for His gifts. Nothing God creates is unclean.

Anna Amenatus, Cleveland, OH, stated, “Jesus ate with sinners and ate what they ate (from LeMont to McDonalds).”

So what say me? Jesus, being the third person of the Trinity, can eat anything. However, we as finite human beings must be selective so we can go forth, in good health, to bring others into his Kingdom. If we eat foods that cause obesity resulting in heart failure, diabetes and cancer, I believe we are harming His gift of life which He gave to each one of us.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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