Me Too?
Off the Wall, June 23

Ease dropping is a two-way street. At least, that is what I have come to learn. Face it. We’ve all been guilty of it. But sometimes, it’s not all bad, in my opinion.

I remember while touring Germany with my family back in 1955, I was sitting next to two senior citizens from the United States who seemed to be in question as to the time of day. I could tell they were a bit frustrated. Not being able to speak German was a great disadvantage to them. But what they failed to recognize was that they were sitting next to an American, as well.

Then one of the two had an idea. “Hey Sally, I’m going to ask around. Maybe somebody on the boat speaks English and can tell us what time it is.” With that, I learned over toward her direction and stated, “It’s 2:00 o’clock!” They about fell off their chairs… I did what I considered the right thing to do – come to the aid of a countryman – in this case, a countrywoman!

Wherever there are people, ease dropping occurs.

I found out recently that one of my most pleasurable places to visit are physicians’ or hospital waiting rooms. Oh, it’s true, it always is somewhat costly, but on the other hand, more so rewarding, and I’ll tell you why.

I have two prayer cards that I give out freely now, thanks to the Holy Spirit who have given me prayers at different times in my life whereby I had a printer make multiply copies for distribution. I usually start off having a conversation with a neighboring patient, going through the ritual of “Hey, by the way, do you like to fish?” “What do you do for fun?” “How do you make a living?” and, “Where are you from?” I then ask, “Are you a Christian?” If the person says, “Yes,” I would then proceed to hand them both the Daily and Morning Prayers.

The first prayer, Daily Prayer, that the Holy Spirit gave me goes like this: Jesus, Jesus, Lord and Savior, Help me please With my behavior. Give me strength, It’s this I pray, That I may bless You, Day to day.

I then asked the person I gave the cards to, “Would you like more than one copy?” With that, all these voices pipe up all around the room, “Me, too?” That’s a perfect example of ease dropping. In waiting rooms, people may appear to be oblivious to others’ conversations, but not always.

That is my lead, and I love talking about God. I start by telling everyone who has received a card or sometimes more than one, to memorize them. “It’s easy.” I never knew I’d ever use the one expression that I can’t stand others telling me. My old saying goes by the rule that one should, “Never tell me something is easy just because one can do it well.”

Anyway, say it enough and take two lines at a time. Eventually, one will be able to ramble through it just I do to others. He gave me another one that I haven’t memorized yet. I tell people it is new and I still need to practice saying it. I’ll get it.
He gave it to me the Morning Prayer while I was trying to sleep one night. I told Him it was so good I’ll definitely remember it by morning. You know what happened before I tell you. I didn’t. It was only while reading scripture did He give me a second chance. I wrote it right down, called my printer and you know the rest is history. It goes like this: Jesus, Jesus, Guiding Light, Keep me free From dark of night. May my eyes Look up to Thee, So You, my Lord Will always be.

Let me say that there is no easier way to evangelize than to walk up to one and state, “Are you a Christian?” When one gets an affirmative answer, slip him a card and be on ones way. I usually have found more appreciative people than those are not receptive to my question.

Every once in a while, someone asks, “Isn’t that expensive to do.” My Lord and Savior hung on that cross for me. Using ‘his’ money, I still will never find enough ways to repay Him. Doing something far exceeds doing nothing!

If one does a little for our Redeemer, how much will He do for us? If we outwardly are good disciples, He will bless us for our efforts.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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