Mother's Love
Off the Wall, Nov
21, 2013

Back in October, I sent out a survey. The question was, “Why do children go to their mothers first rather than their fathers when they are in trouble or have a need?” Here was some of what I received:

Nancy Bulgun of Kitty, IA said, “Because ‘normally’ the mothers are the parents who help them work thru things growing up…”

“Betty Whitekil, Omah, NE, stated, “I think this is because usually the mother is the caregiver and the father is the disciplinarian. Mothers tend to have a need to nurture, protect and resolve.”

George Goek, Peline, OH, commented, (“Mothers) protect their young as a maternal instinct.”

Ruth Sandercroft, Brunet, AL, said, “I always went to mom because she was the one around the most and I felt I could ask her easier than my dad because she had the softer heart and I was more afraid to ask dad.”

Corey Caremuch, Chicago, Il, stated, “Mothers carry their babies for nine months. There is a special bond. Breast feeding brings another special bond. Mothers are usually softer and less threatening often run the household and make the decisions. They have softer voices most times. Mothers usually are disciplinarians and set the rules. They are most able to share feelings, are affectionate with both boys and girls. Dads are sometimes too busy to bother, but often are more likely to yell and to be stricter disciplinarians.”

“JT” Judge, Baltimore MD, said, “Normally the father is the disciplinarian and the logical parent. The mother is more ‘emotional’ and will normally listen without judgment. Also, often the mother says to the children: wait ‘til your father gets home!’”

There are so many more, but very similar to the answers given above. The woman is the easiest to talk to, work out the problems and draw closer to the children, whereby the fathers are the disciplinarians. That is why mothers are sought out when they are troubled or have a need, so it seems.

There are two reasons I sent out this survey. First, I now realize that God had a hand in my first reason, much to my surprise. You see, today is the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. I didn’t plan on that until I noted it on my calendar.

This event has been celebrated since the sixth century. It became a feast day of the universal Church in the 16th century. According to, “The Protoevangelium of James states that Mary was offered by Anna and Joachim to God in the temple when she was three years old. This action was to carry out Anna’s promise to God that Anna made when she was childless. Today’s feast emphasizes that the holiness conferred on Mary from the beginning of her life on earth through her final Assumption into Heaven.”

Second, and foremost, I put out this questionnaire, even though I knew the answers, to prove a point. Why is it that people pray directly to God most of the time instead of to the Blessed Mother who has all the credentials that people spoke about in their answers above?

God is our disciplinarian, is He not? Doesn’t Mary have that mother’s love we need for that tender, loving care? So, I ask again, why do people go directly to Jesus or God and not to Mary, first?

Every answer above points to the mother as being the softy, “the natural loving and caring person,” as one person put it. “Why would one go to God first?” I ask.

We must learn that intercessory prayer can do so much for each of us if we turn to the people who love us. It’s true, all the members of the Holy Family love us. Pray to them who will in turn take our wishes to Jesus who will go to the Father who will fulfill our requests.

Mary is so full of love for us. She has often instilled in many “to pray for the gift of love because ‘love’ is my Son. As a mother I desire that through the love for the Father, you may have a personal relationship with God, come to know and draw closer to Him.”

She concludes, “I desire that through the love for the Heavenly Father, you may help others come to know Him.”

- Paul J. Volkmann
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