Money for Me?
Off the Wall, August 03
, 2012

While waiting for a group of people to arrive to go down to Pittsburgh to feed the homeless, I happened upon a young lady heading toward her car in a playground parking lot. One comment led to another. Before you knew it, she said, “Imagination is the sanity of the mind.” Deep as it was, it got my wheels turning as I took a walk, circling the asphalt-paved area several times. Thoughts became sentences, and sentences, paragraphs and so forth and so on. A draft of an upcoming column was starting to piece together.

What came to mind was the following, as the sun beat down me, walking the blacktop of Christ the Divine Teacher’s School...

“Hello, my name is Marbella Huatchacooper from Moosup, CT. Right now, I am living on Cloud Nine which is just left of the throughways of people coming or going to where they are supposed to end up after they die. Even though I am happily situated in this allotted space I have to wonder where all those souls are going to end up. You know what I mean. There is so much talk before one dies of all the ways one should or should not act to get to heaven or Lord forbid, hell. That is one subject, I am not going to talk about today, Lord have mercy.

I have been here for about two years now. I succumbed as a result of taking the medicine, Petitemeolite, which was supposed to help my little toe grow as big as its counterpart. I took it faithfully as the doctor directed, never thinking it would harm me in any way. Need to tell you, I was wrong. That led to my demise back in 2010. I heard this information via my attending nurse who provided the info for the death certificate.

It’s interesting how things happen. There were so many different drugs coming out while I went about my travels throughout the wonderful town where I lived. If I would have just forgotten about that toe all together, I can only imagine, I may be alive today.

I realize drugs come out all the time. Sometimes drug companies will spend long periods of time testing them. Other times, maybe not that long. I don’t know. Could it have been that this particular manufacturer failed to test this drug for a number of years? All I know is that it did me in. Now, at the age of 57, I have a beautiful view of the universe, my friends and theirs, as well.

Often, I head back to oversee and hear what is going on in my hometown. Yes, my doctor is still doing the best he can. I do not fault him for trying to fix my digit. Sometimes with these new drugs, they may have some type of side effects that will not harm some, but have devastating effects on others – like me, for example.

Anyway, as I was spiritually visiting one of my friend’s homes, I sat with Vicky and her dog as we watched television together. I can’t recall the station, but one advertisement jumped out at me which drew my all-out attention. I heard the commentator state, ‘If anyone who may have been administered Petitemeolite and suffered ill effects or even death, there is a good chance you have money coming to you!’

That’s a revolting development! Needless to say, You can imagine how I felt. I yelled out, Hey, I’m one of those. Can someone get my money for me? Not even the dog’s ears nudged a little bit. My friend didn’t even flinch one iota. Again I tried to attract attention, but to no avail.

Then I thought a lot about it. Realizing that I have all that money owed to me, I could donate it to All Hallows Church. Its kitchen needs a lot of repair work done right now, air conditioning is costing the Church a lot of money, and there is painting to be done both inside and outside the Parish building.

I know what is going through your mind. Have a relative hire an attorney and go after my money. Easy for you to say. I have no relatives. That’s another long story I’m not getting into here. I am the last of the Huatchacoopers. I took the name with me when I moved on.”

You know, it happens. People move away, have memory lapses and in Marbella’s case, die. Having no relatives, it might not hurt to put into a will a benefactor who could collect money from a drug company in case something happens like this. Who knows, people such as Marbella may not be so distraught when witnessing such revelations after death!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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