Moral Issue?
Off The Wall, January 22, 2010

Tomorrow, many Americans will be bonding together to rally. They will travel from across our great nation to Washington, D.C., to let their president and representatives know they are appalled by the Roe versus Wade decision to allow abortion to be practiced in doctor’s offices, hospitals or any place in these, our United State of America.

When I first thought of writing this column, the first word that entered my mind was “life,” not death. It’s true, abortion is not only simply removing a developed fertilized egg from a woman. It is the painful, brutal killing of a fetus up to nine months of age.

A matter of fact, shortly after thinking of that one word, seven words came to mind, including my first thought – “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Now, I realize my interpretation of this famous passage by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence differs as to application. But I hope you will understand my views pertaining to that of an infant and not man in general.

With that said, I am one who considers life a gift. Each little present is a person to be treasured. He or she was created for us so this child could be nurtured by us. That precious human being was not designed in the womb so its life could be aborted, killed at will by the hands of a doctor. Instead, isn’t it God’s desire that these embryos grow from conception to full adulthood?

When I think of an infant either inside or exposed to the outside of his or her mother’s womb, two images come to mind. One is the cartoon character, Egg Bert, who lived in the confines of those walls of its parent and comically told of his experiences. On a much more serious note, the other, upon being born, is a child being introduced to the light of the word as created by God, the true Light of the World.

Is it not our responsibility as God-fearing people to uphold life so the child has the liberty to grow and pursue happiness with the help of the Trinity?

Persons from teenagers up to their senior years have missed the boat in their thoughts about sex. They are stuck on an island of selfishness when it comes to their fleshly desires. Sex is not about having fun, seeing how many partners with which one can fornicate or enjoy causal relationships. Much to peoples’ surprise, it’s about God plan for married couples to produce young. Through this marital plan that God created, it is His wish that the whole family, henceforth, go forward acting on His Word. In so doing, these young individuals can be raised with an abundance of life, the liberty to live according to His will and the pursuit of happiness with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Back in December, I decided to email a survey concerning the document with which our legislative branch is toying. Here is what I asked. “Could someone please tell me why it is so important to have or not have pro-abortion as a part of the health care bill?” A number of people indicated it should not be a part of the bill without reason.

But two replies stood out above all the others, one from a graduate student, and the other, from a high-ranking industrialist who is devout in his feelings toward God.

The student – and I quote: “There’s nothing pro-abortion. Obama has said repeatedly that he wants to maintain the status quo on abortion, keeping the laws exactly the same as they are now, and that it’s a health care bill, not an abortion bill. Anti-choice groups need to realize that abortion is a legal medical procedure, and the fact that nobody’s arguing for expanded abortion coverage is a win for them already.”

The businessman – “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person – among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life. We cannot accept or promote any action that violates this basic, God-given gift. Having the pro-abortion measure as part of the health care bill is directly against God’s will for sanctity of human life.”

Is this a moral issue? Are we a moral nation? Advocating abortion is proof we’re not!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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