Isn't Murder
Off the Wall, January 21,

As an opinionated columnist, I have written many stories that not everyone has agreed with. That’s what makes this opportunity one that provokes thoughts in others. Time and time again, I have gotten emails in return stating, “Thanks for making me think,” and in the long run, it is my opinion, that is what makes this job so much fun.

On the other hand, I also must make it known that at no time will I or do I disrespect others or their views. As one reader put it, “We’ll just have to agree to disagree,” and I respect her. A matter of fact, I will always respect others regardless of race, religion or political views. But, I would like others to do the same to me, if that’s OK.

So, the following is very controversial, it seems. It shouldn’t be, but somehow it’s gotten to be so. It pertains to taking the life of a baby either in the mother’s womb or newly born children.

It wasn’t too long ago, I heard tell of certain parts of the body of these infants being sold. What is this world coming to anyway?

For those who have never seen pictures of a baby tortured to death, it’s pretty barbaric. Here again, in my opinion, how can another human being pick apart another human being body until the child is deceased beats me.

I realize God made me to be a very sensitive individual creation. So, I am who I am what I am. I can only be myself, nobody else. But with that said, I am not alone in stating that every newborn baby is worthy of life and not something that should be considered an item of disposal if it doesn’t suit the mother of the child that she is carrying within her womb.

Now, I’ve also heard tell that some people do not consider infants as such until they come out of a mother upon delivery. But technology has proven that babies as early as three to four weeks, if not younger, have grown significantly to start to show formations as being that of human beings.

Now, here is another facet of argument, if one may call it, where it also gets sticky. It centers around the word, ‘right.’ “I have the right to kill my own baby,” one mother may state.

But here’s my comeback. If one has the right to take the life of a human being at eight to nine months of life, what’s the difference between doing so at eight to nine years of life? Oh, I can just hear someone say, “Oh, you can’t say you can kill my eight year-old Marky? He’s my one and only.” Murder is murder, isn’t it?

But pro-abortionists don’t see it that way.
What I am to do as a Christian, as I interpret the Holy Scriptures, is convey that Jesus Christ came to this world to tell and show God’s unconditional love. One of his many messages stated, “Love thy neighbor as thy self,” but do so unconditionally. So, I have tried very hard to incorporate that instruction in my way of life.

‘But nothing comes easy in this life,’ as the saying goes. So for me to love others who promote torturous, barbaric practices in killing not only prenatal children or newborns is very hard for me to swallow, but as my Christian philosophy tells me, I still must love these individuals with unconditional love, and that, my friends is challenging, at best.

I recall a fisher friend telling me how he filleted a live fish and then put the rest of it back in the water and let it swim away. Can you imagine the pain that creature must have experienced? Do not aborted babies also feel tremendous pain as they are picked apart until death?

And yet, we all have to realize people were all born in innocence and because of some environmental influence developed sensatory to unfeeling attitudes toward creatures of all kinds that, for some reason, makes them the way they are today.

One thing that boggles my mind is the fact that the human being is the most intelligent of those created in the animal kingdom, but is numb to the fact of torturing one of his own kind to the point of death. Does that make sense?

January 22, 2016, marks the date for ‘March for Life.’ We as human beings all must do what’s right. Stand for ‘life.’

- Paul J. Volkmann
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