New Life
Off the Wall, February 10
, 2012

When I think of February, two things come to mind – Valentine’s Day and the dreaded cold weather. Of the two, the reflection of love and relationships stand out in my mind more so, because of the push to buy candy, flowers and jewelry for cherished ones.

Its been said that this “holiday” (which isn’t really as stated, because everyone who is employed has to work, anyway) is for the card and floral retailers primarily, and I have a inkling to believe that.

But something much deeper stirs the mind when it comes to this second month of the year, and that is the forming of a relationship. After all guys, you wouldn’t be giving roses to a stranger, would you? Something stirred your attention to want to meet Debbie or Nora.

Meeting the opposite sex was not hard for me to do throughout my years from adolescence to the present date. Women could be found by the dozens at school, restaurants or churches.

I remember when a fellow who I’ll call Dave approached me and said he was eager to meet a girl who he would hope to befriend enough to eventually be his girlfriend. Up to that time period, he had no clue what to do to get a girl’s attention. So, we’d go to Church festivals and I’d have him point out “girls” he found attractive, and then I’d mosey over to them and commence some type of conversation. Then, I would encourage him to do the same. It took some time before he had the courage to do as I did. I don’t remember when I lost my shyness, but not everyone is as fortunate, I guess, especially Dave.

Not to keep you in suspense, the gent finally did find his “lady,” and even though they had a short relationship, it was a start, never the less.

To get down to the core of the matter, we are prompted to new life with others through God. He formed us and everything we receive and do in our lives can be attributed to His blessings. Thus, when we meet the opposite sex, many times we sense some magnetism in us that draws us to another until we find some similarity that sparks something within that unites us together. Those beginnings may be “surface friendships” that stay that way or they may build and develop into something much deeper with conversion of heart.

When we develop a “new eye” for our person of interest, we go through a transformation period from what used to be and now what is. Our stored up chemistry has filled every part of our person to give us goose bumps, joy and an over-all good feeling.

I think it is simple to understand what I just stated. A famous song “Getting to Know You,” kind of hits the nail on the head. When human nature sets in, so does inquisitiveness. Finding common ground is a means for a relationship to bond closer together.

Such is the case when beginning a relationship with Jesus Christ. I’ve had both women and men alike tell me they didn’t have the foggiest notion as to how to begin a relationship with any person in the Trinity, whether it be God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

I’ve told this story before, but it always stands out in my mind so vividly, that I keep repeating it, because it makes everything so real and to the point. I was walking to Church on Sunday with a senior citizen when she admitted she had been a member for 28 years and knew nothing about how to pray to God. I told her, instead of using my name, use God’s name in conversation, and she would be talking to Him, sharing what was on her mind just as she had done with me.

Isn’t that what relationships are all about – sincerely letting others know how we feel about whatever, and then letting the other person(s) have a say in what was discussed?

When we build upon our relationship with God, we continually renew our conversion of heart, constantly transforming us to new hopes, substantiating our faith, knowing without a shadow of a doubt, He will respond if we ask for a favor or a need.

It is so neat, if you ask me, to know that there are three people (the Trinity) who we can depend upon, 24/7, as the saying goes. Once we get past the skepticism, and know deep in our hearts that, even though at times, humans let us down, there are God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit who love us unconditionally, and will always look out for our best interests.

During this month of February, realize that Jesus is calling us to a relationship, a new life with Him. Pray, listen and talk to Him. You will find your benefits are endless.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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