Not Anymore
Off the Wall, November 2, 2017

bout it until one day I was walking to a doctor’s appointment when something hit me. Here were two words – ‘not anymore’ that could be used either positively or negatively.

Thinking back over my years of growing up, I remember the things I used to do as a child. There was that ‘thumb-thing’ that exposed four of my fingers but hid my thumb in my oral cavity.

I used to sit on the floor and bang around my mother’s pots and pans playing with them in every direction my imagination created including making forts and what have you.

I used to speed up and down the hills of my neighborhood on my bicycle never giving the thoughts of ever wearing a helmet. I even helped my parents do as I was told and received great gratification from doing so.

Not anymore… When I entered high school, I loved to dance at our local community center on Saturday nights. I didn’t care about schoolwork or applying myself when it came to studies. I did very well on the rifle team and was happy I could contribute my sight and steadiness to a cause that benefited my team.

Not anymore….

I gave it my all when I went to college, never knowing what the next day would bring. I left there with two degrees and the sight of a job waiting for me in the next town.

There I bloomed as a photojournalist and even attended Police Officers Training School where in the state of Ohio I became certified in law enforcement. Serving my community to the fullest capacity was a great accomplishment, but not anymore.

These are just some of the many things that were in the past that now can only remain as memories, some good, some bad. I have a feeling I’m not alone when it comes to the past concerning events on everyone’s minds. Such is life.

On the other side of the coin, I am looking forward to see what each day brings and not be downtrodden just because I am physically challenged. There was a time I never went to church first thing in the morning. I made up excuses why I couldn’t make it. Not anymore. That’s priority for my day’s start. What ever happens after that I hope will be life-changers? I know every event will be a lesson learner.

I will talk on a bit about myself and then change over to you, my readers. By then, I hope you will get the point to this column.

One of the positive routines I no longer consider habit forming is eating and drinking the wrong “so-called foods.” Not anymore do I eat sugar-containing food, simple carbohydrates, or preserved junk! Not anymore! Instead, I am eating ninety-five percent vegetables and five-percent fish. Not anymore do I weigh one hundred eighty-eight pounds but now I am down to one fifty-seven.

So what have you done to better yourself? Oh sure, you have memories in the past you have held dear, but have you made them part of your present life?

I can only tell you that the Latrobe Bulletin spells out facts every day concerning acts gone badly, arrests made or improvements being made to replace the ugly or the old.

People of all ages can turn their lives around and state, “I learned my lesson. I’m not going to do that anymore.

But let’s look at one of my present habits that can become yours as well. Who do you want to be compared to, the man at the Latrobe Farmers’ Market or my going back to church? I suggest the latter. You see, there are acts we all commit in this journey through life that either cause us to decay or get enriched over time.

Change your thinking, believing that good decisions may make for a better you!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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