Not For Kids!
Off the Wall, August 24 , 2017

I believe we’ve all seen it on package labeling, billboards and even television screens. I’ve even heard TV announcers state, “You may want to take your children out of the room while watching this program. Use your discretion.”

Some of this is valid. There are presentations that may turn the stomach of kids if they watch surgical procedures, for example. Labeling on products may stipulate, “Not to be used by children for their own safety sake.” Guns come to mind, right off the bat. Of course if handled wrong by grown-ups, I feel they are unsafe for them likewise.

Think about it for a while.

I was just reading an article lately about how one should not spray sunscreen on kids. “Safety experts are particularly concerned about the possibility that people may accidently breathe in the ingredients, a risk that’s greatest in children, who – as any parent knows – are more likely to squirm around when they are being sprayed,” so states the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA recommends, “Don’t use sprays on children unless you have no other products available. In that case, spray the sunscreen onto your hands and rub it on. As with all sunscreens, be especially careful of the face, avoiding the eyes and the mouth.”

Some children who like to adventure will scout for swimming holes to cool off. Some will slip into deeper holes than it appears at first and actually drown. It is best to have adults with youth when it comes to this sport.

Every year we hear about children who succumb as a result of playing with faulty toys. One small defect can be overlooked easily leading to fatal mistakes.

Leads on cribs also have resulted in fatal issues among children. Many have to be recalled to prevent future mistakes.

There’s always been an issue concerning whether or not to give vaccines to youth.

I will share several bits of advice that I hope will be “eye openers.”

Consult with a doctor who is up to date in knowledge about these products. I f a physician has to sit and read about a certain vaccine before administering the liquid, find another doctor.

Keep a record as to when one received the shot and when the next one is due. Having too much of the same medicine within the period should not be administered and may lead to detrimental circumstances. This doesn’t only apply to children, but adults as well. I’m living proof of this “wrong-doing.” I now have a disease that causes me many challenges because the doctor didn’t know that one couldn’t receive more than one tetanus shot within a given period.

But even though I’ve written all the above, my mission today was to highlight three word expressions that I find a bit lopsided – “Not for children,” and “For adults only.”

Let’s go to the latter expression first. Any establishments that feature videos or such programming or even plays displaying nudity usually have a sign out in front of them displaying those three words. In my opinion, those whom are governed by strict religious principals should automatically stay clear of any place that promotes such activity.

As one fact book puts it, the observance of flesh should be between a husband and a wife. If I had known it word for word as it is written in the book, then I would have put quotes around my sentence. The great thing is, this book is both for kids and for adults.

In my opinion, adult book stores, or anything promoting “For Adults Only,” are really designed for the immature, those who let their physical desires get the best of them as youth do in periods of growing up.

Here’s the other thing that really bugs me – “Adult language.” It’s NOT adult, folks. That form of speech is childish. Kids should NOT be taught to use it, too. It’s garbage talk. Some parents think it’s cute to let their children swear. I’m sorry, but it’s anything but that! It’s actually also “NOT FOR KIDS!” When parents let their siblings do it, it becomes habit. Habits are mannerisms that are hard to break.

Mature adults do not use profanity or vulgarity. That’s offensive language that never should be used around anyone in the general public. And I’ve heard it said, “It’s just a habit that can’t be broken.” Poppycock!

People who feel they have to swear to gain acceptance better think twice.

Don’t offend others!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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