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Off the Wall, September 03,

There’s always one thing I tell people on Facebook when they have birthdays. It goes something like this: “Birthdays are times one should reflect back over the years learning from your many mistakes and in so doing, gaining wisdom.” Of course, I wish them a happy birthday after that which is the common thing to do in our society.

Adding one more year in four days, Sept. 7 to be exact, I’ve gotten to the period in my life where instead of thinking about tomorrow or even today, as far as that goes, I’ve become interested in history to some extent.

Maybe it’s a mind-blower to my brother or sister, since I flunked history in high school, but I could care less about the subjects then. Now I’ve done a “fliptazoid” as one family member may put it and am starting to hit the books, particularly on things that refer to Latrobe.

When I reached the big 7 0, my daughter was very thoughtful by giving me a gift of the New York Times’ collection of everything that happened on the day I was born. I found it fascinating so much that I thought I’d share some of the facts with you.

Here is something interesting. One headline read Mosquito-Repelling Chemical made For Army, Navy to beat Malaria.” Written by William I. Laurence, whereby he told of this discovery in Pittsburgh, he stated, “An impenetrable chemical wall against malaria-carrying mosquitos, which promises the answer the acute problem of quinine shortage for America’s fighting’s forces in the jungle areas, was described here today of the opening sessions of the annual autumn meeting of the American Chemical Society.”

It is said to be “six times more lasting in its effect than any other similar substance.”
Formula 612 “promises to be the chemical’s answer…” he said.

Not only was my mother giving birth to a creation of God, but also the time period spoke for itself. Wars were taking place, and people all over the world were questionable just what the future would bring.

The New York Times even featured a section on its front page that was titled, “Wall News Summarized.”

The story began with the telling of the American parachute troops and heavy artillery dropped from the skies of New Guinea completing the encirclement of 30,000 enemy troops in the Walsmaua-Lau behind the Japanese. They totally surprised the enemy.

“United States planes for the first time flew 500 miles into southwest Germany to bomb Stuttgart.”
Continuing on, “All allied troops in southern Italy pushed a ten mile salient to San Stefano northeast of Reggio Calabria.”

On September 6, (the day before my debut), the Russian’s Red Army captured nearly 300 villages.

And the fighting continued… Story after story of wars were taking place in unknown places at least to me.

And from Cambridge, Massachusetts from copy written by Russell Porter, is the headline, Churchill Urges Post-War Alliance for World Peace.

He stated, “The British and American peoples must not stop with winning the war, but must go on in cooperation for post-war organization and peace, declared Prime Minister Winston Churchill of Great Britain today after receiving the honorary of Doctor of Laws from Harvard University, ” for which he received an ovation from the public.

And even though much more happened on this famous date, it goes without saying, we are in times of peace, so much that I think so much is taken for granted.

Similar to my statement on Facebook when birthdays appear, we must reflect back and study the history of our times, learning from our mistakes and gaining wisdom for future pursuits. Hopefully the past experiences will teach citizens of our country, in addition to others around the world, that we must maintain peace for a very long time.

We have enough killing by terrorists groups and gun-wielding individuals who have no moralist values. In my opinion, parents have strange ideas when they outfit little Mikey with an assortment of plastic guns resembling the most up to date weapons used to kill animals if not human beings, as well.

Putting these “toys” in hands of youngsters who barricade themselves around their yards and shoot at fellow playmates is not what our country needs. In its place, parents should rid the children of these types of playthings and find something more that will aid in futuristic learning that will eventually lead to wisdom for these youth.

Let’s not forget who created me. Through Jesus, lets pray for world peace.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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