Pee Vee A's
Off the Wall, Oct
10, 2013

You may remember the television show, “Charlie’s Angels.” It involved three girls who were instructed by an older gentlemen to solve mysteries, very similar to the many “who-dun nit” programs we have on the tube today.

Well, the angels that were sent to me were of another vintage. I believe with all my heart that God sent them to me to help in time of need – and believe me I needed their help. One of my Pee Vee “A’s” has been a long-time friend and the other two unknown individuals. They came to my aid, did all they could to help and then vanished. I’ve been wanting to thank them ever since, but have neither seen or encountered them everywhere I go. My neighbor, Terry, and I both have been looking for them on our walks.

As the story goes, recently I fell knocking myself unconscious as a result. As I lay on the pavement on one of the downtown streets in Latrobe, I found myself in a predicament. Upon awakening, I could not get up. As I have told many, “Looking down, I studied the molecules of the asphalt structure from one to two inches away.”

This type of fall required additional attention and I received it by two women (A’s). Driving a vanilla-colored car, one “A” exited from the passenger side and rushed over to my side asking if I needed assistance. The driver hastened to my side and asked if I was in need of an ambulance.

They came. They helped. They disappeared, never to be seen again.

“Were they really angels?” one may ask. How can I prove it? I do know, however, that in time of need, God does send people to help and then depart, never to be seen again. Wow, what a wonderful Creator we have. Just think, He put them on earth to help me, the guy who lives right up the street from Holy Family Church, across from Frederick’s Funeral home in the yellow-sided house. How special is that? I’m not suggesting you take a nose-dive on the street such as I did and see if angels appear. There are going to be people who will come to help, I really believe that. Will they be sent from God? I believe so. If you have apprehensive thoughts in any way, whether stranded or find yourself in some kind of accident, concerned individuals will be on hand. That’s His Spirit working within us.

In my case, I really feel these two women were angels, and that’s that.

As for my long-time friend coming to my aid, I believe God put him there at the right time for the reason of giving me a ride when I really needed it the most.

It so happens, I had made time to paint my garage and needed a couple gallons to start. Since I was instructed that all transportation had to now be reserved through Westmoreland Transit instead of Veteran’s Cab, I called this new company but was told I could not get same day service. Running short of time, I had to think fast.

I decided to call some friends and see if they could help. Everyone I phoned was not home. Swell. Then I walked around asking neighbors if they would take me. I received two no’s. The store closed at 7 p.m. and I had left around 3:15 p.m., so I figured I had time. So I tightened my shoelaces and set out. I had never walked that long a distance, but figured someone, hopefully, would pick me up and take me there one way. I got as far as the American Legion when I met a fellow coming the other way with a big smile on his face. I thought to myself, anyone who exhibited such friendship would rush home, get his vehicle, and then return to scoop me up and take me there. Instead I received the unexpected statement – “You’re crazy!” “You must be crazy!”

So, I continued on my way. About 20 steps later, a motorist waved and sped by me. Swell. Shortly thereafter, my angel arrived-a fellow who not only exemplified his Christian up-bringing, but over-extended himself by agreeing to drive me not only there, wait, but then take me home.

To me, he was also sent by God. Doing this wonderful deed, I’ll never forget his kindness. I believe He directed him to be there then to help. Tell me now, how great is that?

- Paul J. Volkmann
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