Procure It
Off the Wall, December 3,

It so happened that a senior citizen who was a farmer by trade walked up to his kitchen sink and stared at the outlet where the water disperses into the sink. For a few moments he couldn’t understand why no fluid was exiting through the pipe. Then with a slight giggle in his tone of voice, realizing he had not turned on the faucet, he reached over to the right knob pulling it forward. Shortly thereafter, a gushing noise was heard and the foamy clear liquid flooded the sink’s cavity.

Shortly thereafter, he was reminded that this incident paralleled that of his profession. In order for him to have a crop, he must first procure a seed and plant it in the ground. His barley, wheat and corn don’t just become mature plants on their own. A seed must first be planted.

Just as a the hot and cold water knobs initiate the water coming out the spigot, so does a seed do the same as it germinates to create the crop.

If only it were that simple, though, a farmer’s life may not be strenuous. Land has to be readied, then when time is right, seeds planted and if necessary, irrigated to make sure water comes in contact with the small granular and sprouts the new growth of life.

Human life as we know it begins much the same way. When a female’s body is receptive to the seed or sperm of a male, an egg is formed within the woman resulting in a brand new life, by all rights, a new human being.

The woman as a result of man implanting her with it procured the seed.

We all are aware of these facts. They are simple to understand as we encounter these circumstances daily in one form or another. But let’s lets dig a little deeper and examine how we all procure and nurture seeds in one’s daily walk through life.

We have only to look at teenagers who, through lack of security, will reach out sometimes to those who are also in the same circumstances trying to be accepted by peers. Their procurement of seeds in ways of thoughts and actions often lead them down the wrong roads. This procurement of bad seeds, if one wishes to call them that, may have had its foundation in the home life of each individual. If the parents don’t plant good seeds in youth to begin with, they have nothing to procure. Consequently, they flounder about, searching, hoping, and striving for some type of seed that will help them flourish in life.

Some intellectuals have procured seeds that they consider holds all the knowledge one needs not only for present day living, but up and to death and beyond. These seeds may be likened unto those planted on stony ground where no growth can take place because there lacks substance of nurturing whereby the seed can grow into a healthy plant and produce crops and flowers of beauty.
We all have been implanted with certain gifts from God. Everyone has a gift given to him or her in form of talents. Through realization of this certain seed within us, we should not only recognize they exist, but also realize their origin. When we tell others that our talents are gifts from God, that we procured them not of our doing, we are planting more seeds. As a result, we are passing on information that may lead others to believe in the Almighty. By procuring that which was told to them, it is hoped they will ask Jesus Christ into their life.

We as Christians, who have walked the narrow road, subscribing to His Word and being guided by His light, know without a shadow of a doubt that we can do so much if we only strive to get closer to Him. Through the many graces He has given us, in form of gifts, mercy and redemption, we must not be complacent.

If Jesus gives us a word of knowledge concerning another individual, we must first pray for that individual, and then contact him or someone close to this individual, possibly, to seek why we were led to ascertain this bit of wisdom. Our reaching out may lead to their procuring of a special seed that will lead them to a relationship with our Lord and Savior.

We have procured the seed to eternal life. Let’s be loving Christians by bringing the lost into His kingdom.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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