Pure Fiction
Off the Wall, September 15,

As a reporter for well over 50 years, I’ve always had to write the truth and nothing but the truth so help me God, concerning happenings, events and occasions that are newsworthy. Never would I have dreamed of writing anything fictitious to make my stories more exciting.

Yet, it seems the average person in this country prefers the fictitious to that which is real. I state it in such a way because I have heard it stated, “I don’t like reality shows. I like other television shows much better.”

The interesting thing about them is that the whole story content is derived. If not, wording will appear just previous to the program’s showing that “What one is about to view is taken from a true story.”

Some TV shows will actually state with similar announcements that the programming is contrived.

If one were to look at the line up of shows this fall, it is easy to see that the programming consists of creative, bizarre and imaginary story content that is gaining popularity.

I have yet to figure out why people desire such unrealistic shows over those that have story-telling qualities that actually have meaning. In addition, they would make sense to the degree that they may contain some lesson teaching underlying purposes.

I can only conclude that the hand-held electronics have a lot to do with the growing demand for subject matter. The freaky stuff that are now apart of these gaming devices, in my opinion, are leading TV producers to carry over the same content to the flat screen.

The dwelling of humans of fictitious characters has grown so much over the years that people have made idols out of them.

I remember back when Superman made his debut. And then Superwoman came into play. To state there are others is an understatement.

Time magazine back on December 3, 2014 published article listing The 15 Most Influential Fictional Characters of 2014. I won’t mention all of them, but the ones that highlight what I’m trying to convey. Some of these one may have heard of.

“Hello Kitty,” who turned 40 the year when this article was written, is pictured to look like a cat, but actually is “an anthropomorphized animal like Mickey Mouse.”

“Thor” was “a super hero woman wielding a hammer amplified by the debut of a black Captain America.”

“King Joffrey,” “The mad boy-king was the defending character on Game of Thrones this season. That ongoing drama cemented Thrones’ status as HBO’s most popular show of all time…”

This verifies the point I’ve been making all along. Human beings aren’t interested in reality. They want to surround their whole existence on fantasy. Now, I’m not saying all people are this way, but I have to state, again in my opinion, because of the popularity of these TV shows and even movies, it appears as though persons not only want this entertainment, but crave these past time pleasures.

People will state, “I’m not going to read the Bible. It was written so long ago. People told stories of what they believed were genuine. Why should I believe anything in that book to be true?” It is fantasy.

Let’s take it one step further. Superman was definitely a make believe character. Does one consider God to be in that same category? If so, we’re talking true fiction here. But I hate to break one’s bubble. Yes, Superman was fictitious. Everyone knows that without a shadow of a doubt. People have put that character on a pedestal. Youth wear T-shirts sowing off their hero. They even try to act like him.
True and honestly, he is a fake! Why can’t people get enough of him?

God, on the other hand, is not a made-up leader of a contrived kingdom of non-existence. He is alive, Creator of the universe and all of us, including those making up these characters, some satanic.

What continues to befuddle my mind is by free will of man; he has chosen not to look into the Holy Scriptures even though some of these individuals consider the Holy Bible pure fiction. They will lean toward the ungodly realms of entertainment before considering that which is healthy.

God sent Jesus Christ to be with His creation here on earth. That’s fact. God’s Son lived here on earth over 2000 years ago. He bore messages from His Father. That’s fact, too.

If God inspired the Bible’s writers, is it not His true Word thus being real?

- Paul J. Volkmann
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