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Off the Wall, June 2,

How many times do you see on television advertising for an up and coming race with proceeds benefiting organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Epilepsy Foundation or the GBS/CIDP Foundation? Each is trying to get the word out that it is inviting the people to come out and participate in a fundraising that will help supplement monies needed for research to aid with widespread maladies that are so prevalent today.

Just recently, Lawrence Philemium from the Tiny Tall Society (TTS) telephoned me the other day and wanted to know if I would contribute to his fundraiser. He stated the monies would be used to finance a youth baseball team. “Membership dues doesn’t always allow for extra expenses,” he said. The TTS needed financial supplementation and after trying different approaches, found that random phone calling was the most cost effective.

The Holy Name Society of Holy Family Church in Latrobe is supporting an impoverished child from Central America. Each meeting, members throw donations in to a basket to help out with this philanthropic cause. As good Christians, they realize that the currency they carry in their pockets is actually God’s money, and they are using it to benefit another human being.

Many times, I get a mailing or hear of a race being held to benefit the Epilepsy Foundation. Through its constant outreach to those inflicted with the disease, these necessary events have to be held to help further research to being able to medically treat those whom are burdened with these impediments. In addition to members’ contributions, public support is vital to helping find new medications, for instance, that will control seizures so that those who have epilepsy may be aided by better supplementation of medication to help curb their issues.

Other than member support, how do they get additional financial help? Two ways, donations, and yes, fundraising. They have purpose!

Many times we do get phone calls from people who legitimately do need money. I don’t like to get them for these purposes, personally, but I do let the people speak their mind, as I mentioned in a previous column.

It’s hard to figure out occasionally who to and not to give. I think we all have our causes we like to support. Personally, I like to occasionally send checks to all Pro-Life organizations and a few others that I think are worthy causes. Mostly, I do my contributing to local organizations, such as my church, the local fire department, and worthy causes that seem to crop up.

Tithing has always been an interesting subject to discuss. Some people do it financially, and others, by giving of themselves when members are in need.

In my opinion, we always should give of ourselves to others regardless of circumstances. God has called us to love one another, so I feel this fits right in with giving of ourselves.

In the book of James in the Holy Bible, it states, “Faith of itself, if it does not have works, is dead (James 2:17).”

It goes without saying all churches need financial to support the bills. If one states that one is a member of a said church, it is one’s responsibility to help with both the upkeep and the bills of the church.

In a former column, I mentioned that Holy Family Church (HFC), Latrobe, is in the process of restoring their building and needs financial support to do so. The Parish is seeking donations so it can start moving forward with the necessary repair work that has to be done now. Up to this point, the walls of the inside of the Church could not be washed or painted because funding was not available.

As many of you know, I make and sell fishing items at the vendor shows. I have decided to donate all my proceeds from my sales of flies, lures and creature-look-alikes to the Holy Family Church’s Restoration Program. They will be available at the Latrobe Farmers’ and Vendors’ Market Tuesdays, beginning June 7.

Talk about fundraisers, the HFC Youth Ministry will be holding a Spaghetti Dinner in the Church’s social hall, Saturday, June 4, from 4 to 7 p.m. The cost is $10 per person.

Additionally, one will receive two meatballs, bread and butter, a salad, beverages and a desert.

Proceeds will be used to cover expenses for their trip to Franciscan University Youth Conference in July.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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