Say to Him
Off the Wall, Sept
5, 2013

I make no bones about it. I am a Christian and love to talk about my faith and the blessings I’ve received ever since I was seven. That’s a long time ago folks, but having a relationship with the Trinity, I have learned much and always want to share some of something the Holy Spirit lays on my heart. Recently, I felt His questioning touch my heart which led me to send out a survey to some of my readers which went like this: “What would you say to Jesus if you met Him face to face today?” Following are some of the answers I received.

Erica Swimer from Waterloo, AL simply stated, “Thank You! “Smilin’ George Harvey, Clive, IA, noted, “I’m honestly not sure what I’d do if I met Jesus today. I’d imagine I would be quite speechless and wait for Him to hopefully say the first word.”

Grace Menchow, St. Petersburg, FL stated, “Thank you for dying for my sins so I can have eternal life with God in heaven.”

Linus Caster, Millvale, PA said, “Lord Jesus Christ, crucified, have mercy on me, a sinner.” “Lord, please do not pass me by,” was Pittsburgh’s Jon Adjuster’s reply. Sharon Carter, Tucson, AZ stated, “Thank You for sacrificing your life for me, for loving me even though I had sinned many times. Thank you for forgiving me of all my sins, for promising me eternal life if I believe that you’re the Son of God.”

Charles Crawford, Brenhizer, said upon meeting Jesus face to face today, “Let’s sit and talk. There is so much I would like to learn.” In short, Kelly Keiller, Westmont, NJ, stated, “Save us all. What can I do to help? Shirley McKal, Derry, commented, “Thanks for sending us your Holy Spirit who is my friend, counselor, teacher and guide. When are you coming back?”

Doris Beatrice, Oakmont, said, “Since our world is rapidly tumbling into a state of total immorality, selfishness, lawlessness, greed and lack of religious beliefs/values, I would besiege Him with pleas to show us the way to respect for life, concern for others, belief in HIM and return to love of mankind. I would ask Him to show us what we should do to SERVE Him and our brothers.”

Harriet Bluesdale, Piedmont, IL, always is filled with such wisdom. In answering my question she said, “If I saw Jesus face to face – somehow I think there would be no words that would need to pass between us. But what I would most like to say to Jesus is: Thank you and that I love Him. He gave His life for us and is the reason we will see all those loved ones we’ve lost again someday in Heaven.”

Continuing, she added, “Life is full of deep grief at times and challenges, but it is truly Jesus that gives us the grace to get through it all. He gives me courage to bear it, because He endured it all Himself. I’ve often gone to Him in my mind and met Him in the Garden of Gethsemane when He was so scared about His passion. He looks at me with such love – and I wonder if He saw each person that He was saving by His impending Passion while praying in that garden. It is that love for us that gave Him His resolve to pray, “Not my will but Thy Will be done. I’ve gone to the cross in my mind as well and met Mary there holding Jesus. What grief and love and example of trustful surrender. Mary has that same look of love for me, as did Jesus – even though it is because of my sin and the sin of others that her son died. She doesn’t resent us – she truly understands Jesus and His Sacrifice and loves as He loves. She give me the courage to pray, ‘Be it done unto me according to Thy Word,’ as she did at the Annunciation when she became the mother of Jesus.”

Are you beginning to understand why I send out surveys? I think knowing how others feel about views are always an education to all of us. So what would I say, you ask?

First of all, He knows my heart. He also is aware of my complete makeup, challenges and many blessings. So, the first thing that popped into my head is that I would probably kneel down before Him not worrying if I could get back up upon my feet. “You know I am truly devoted to you, oh Lord. Continue to show me your light so I can stay clear of darkness. In so doing, continue to guide me on the path of righteousness. I will heed to your recommendations set before me.”

I believe everything stated here gives us food for thought. May all of us who hold our beliefs so dear continue to witness for our Lord, sharing His love to and with others.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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