See or Feel?
Off the Wall, May 5,

Not long ago, I was listening to oldies from a popular radio station in the area from my trusty boom box when the words from a song got those rusty wheels pondering a bit. It went something like this. “I really want to see you, but it takes so long, my Lord.”

Many music lovers will know that song as “My Sweet Lord,” by George Harrison. Even though I love the title, the song does not make reference to the same god. His leaning is the Hindu god Krishna.

In any case, getting back to my thoughts that became apparent, I know without a shadow of a doubt that my God exists. And it is true with any believer regardless of religion, we are all waiting to see our gods, I assume. However, I wouldn’t want to be in the shoes of the damned, for looking forward to being in the pits of Hell is no great eternal situation, to say the least, so what we can do is hope people are persuaded to do the right thing. I’m getting off track, so let me state my case concerning my take on this song.

I know my Redeemer lives because I can feel Him. In my opinion, ‘feel’ overtakes ‘seeing.’ Yes, it’s wonderful to see that the sun is shining, but having the sensation of warmth overtakes the sight of such radiance.

Imagine two businessmen coming together to talk about some very important matters. Each person extended their arms out to get within six inches of shaking hands, but stops short six inches. They see the arms coming, but they don’t feel the hands touch. The corporate representatives see each other’s hands, but that’s all. It’s that sensation of touch that makes it all worthwhile. It’s a binding force that conveys ‘peace,’ if not for a lengthy period of time, for the moments of discussion ahead.

When two lovers meet, they don’t greet each other with a casual, “Hi there…” Instead they embrace or even kiss. It’s that sense of connection whereby ‘feel’ comes into play.

I’d never get this story written had it not been for the fact that I had to touch the keys on my keyboard to make it happen. God may instill in me to write my story a certain way, but until I do so, I’m staring at a blank, white screen.

I can talk to Amanda at Total Service, Inc., about ordering a copier, but unless I see what I’m getting and actually push the buttons to understand how it works, I’ll just be investing in one of those high class electronic gadgets that we seniors don’t have a clue how to even turn it on.

Nancy or Judy may see a big, fat nightcrawler in the grass, but only Mike will reach down and pick it up, feeling the slimy, harmless critter in his hands. The two women may have screamed when they saw it, but the kind man who came to their aid showed them by picking it up, feeling it touch the tissues of his digits encased against the palm of his hand that it not only did none but could do no harm. The young man could perceive the wiggle of the creature.

I could go on and on with examples, but I think, by now, one should get the notion of what I’m try to convey.

Many a time I have done as the Holy Spirit has informed to do whereby he has touched in such a way that I feel as though electrical charges are permeating throughout my body. I live for that feeling. That is the perfect sign to me that my Savior is alive and well and He wants to continue to show me His way so that my life may be one of blessings.

This duo of see and feel is so wonderful that I don’t understand why there are people in this world that reject God’s perfect way.

There is something to be said by Harrison’s wanting to see his lord, just as I am looking forward to do the same. But feeling God’s presence in my daily walk is an ongoing thing whereupon I don’t have to wonder and wait when the day comes whereby I can see my Creator.

Just as Samuel Medley wrote, “I know that my Redeemer lives, what joy the blessed assurance gives! He lives, He lives, Who once was dead, He lives my everlasting Head!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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