She's a Half
Off the Wall, Aug 29
, 2013

So there I was, pushing each foot forward, going at a fairly good pace mall walking when I approached the escalators at one end of the first floor. Just then I looked over and saw a fellow get off the top stair and walk forward turning to his right. Before he turned completely around, I was able to make out what it said on his shirt – “I worship demigods.” I thought to myself. Never heard of them. Wonder what they are. Of course ever since my mall walk, I have been throwing the incident around in my mind. Today, I decided to do something about it and research the subject matter.

According to, the suffix means “Of less than full size, status or rank.” Merrian Webster defines it as “One that partly belongs,” while gives one a choice of thoughts to ponder – “A small coffee cup – demitasse,” or a creature that is part God, part human.”

It hit me all of a sudden. Somewhere in all this, there is a story to be told using a little of Pee Vee class, if I may say so.

So there was my answer to my original question. “What is a demigod?” A person that is half god and half human. Oooooooooookkkkkkkk… How’s that possible. My God is 100% full God, the Almighty, the most loving, the most omnipotent, all powerful creator of the world and everyone and everything in it. There is no cutting Him into segments, that is for sure.

How would anyone worship something that is not truly whole, at least in the mind of the individual? “Hey Barry, did you see that little guy wobbling down the street the other day? That was a demigod, a half human…”

Even mentally, if one takes and tries to segment the brain by saying he has the cells of a god and that of a human, that gives a person false hope. One may be smart as can be, but will always lack the capacity to call himself a god by any means of the imagination. That’s what makes this whole thing so incredibly unbelievable. On the other hand, this fellow who looked to be of college age must have believed it to be wearing the shirt unless he picked it up at St. Vincent de Paul for $.25 because the color background is an “in-color,” it seems.

That brings me to the demitasse, “a small coffee cup.” Did you ever pull up to the ordering window at a fast food chain and tell the sales gal to only fill up the cup with one-half cup of coffee? Heck, a guy told me the other day a restaurant was selling two cups of coffee for the same price of one, so he went with the two cups. Again, I don’t think Stan was up to getting just a half cup. He was going for the gusto. Even if Russ was offered five cups for the price of one, human nature tells me he would have settled for the five as opposed to half a cup. Actually, that’s all I need in the morning to give me a swift kick you know where.

But, just when you think you heard it all, consider this. What about the girl’s name – “Demi.” She can’t really be a half, can she? Maybe half-cocked, who knows…

Actually to website tells readers Demi is a girl’s name that stands for Demetria, a pretty name if you ask me. Its origin is Greek and means earth mother. Like that, too. But where things fall apart comes via the pronunciation (DEM ee); deh MEE). The most popular year for this name was back in 2009 when parents called 883 of their children that name. Since then there has been a decline, last year having only 795 girls being given that name. This nickname probably originated from Demetria, which has become vogue use as a “stand alone” name in the USA and probably is how Demi Moore became known. People like using nicknames.

But if I didn’t spell out the history, what would be assumed about this performer, may I ask? We could go any which way, I’m sure. Do people such as her or others who have similar names have all their eggs in one basket or are they missing some? Is she half-clad and the rest exposed? Half pretty and half ugly? Part rich and part poor? Half sweet, half tart? Half dumb, half smart?

I could go on and on here. Anytime there is an opening for use describing opposites; “Demi” may be the perfect fit for the occasion. Now, I have to add, this has nothing to do with a woman’s hair color, so don’t complicate the issues. I know that’s where some of you may have thought I was going here, but I’m not and never will. It’s not my thing.

If we are going to refer to a woman with that name, let’s just call her Demetria. Maybe eventually, the name will be kept just that way which, you’ll see, will be OK by me.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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