Still There
Off the Wall, January 12, 2017

I had just shut off the light after retiring and positioned myself comfortably in my bed. Pulling up the covers to the general locale where I find them most fitting, I decided to look around the dark room. The small rectangular space was as black as it could.

Looking up and over my head I couldn’t help by smile, for I saw something that most people wouldn’t have on their ceiling – stars. It sounds as though someone just knocked me out and I was seeing them.

Years ago, when my son lived in his bedroom, now mine, somewhere he purchased fluorescent small stars and pasted them on the ceiling panels above my computer. When all the lights are turned out, one can actually imagine that he or she is standing in the dead of night, maybe along the Northeastern coastline admiring the Northern Lights that are shining in similar fashion.

Just because he moved out and I moved in, doesn’t mean I should eliminate the “nightly scenery.” Quite the contrary, there is something nostalgic about keeping some of the past with me in the present that ties the two together.

I think it’s kind of neat, to not only know that they are still there, but create an atmosphere whereby I am sleeping under the stars above.

I bet we all have things placed somewhere that we’ve kept, yet wondered why we haven’t removed them especially if we haven’t used them for a long time. This New Year may be a time to prompt us to make that move to possibly eliminate them or store the items in another place.

But ask yourself, “If I store it someplace else with no intention of never using it again, wouldn’t it be better to chuck it all together?” Some people (me included) have a habit, if that’s what one wishes to call it, to hang on to stuff knowing that what we possess are ours and so we must keep it.

That’s not necessarily true, you know. People who think this way are playing mind games with themselves.

There’s one television I enjoy watching called American Pickers. It’s about a man and his friend going about certain parts of the country buying all kinds of everything that they fix up and resell. To see some of these hoarders who have collected everything from vintage vehicles to radios, old signs and old potbelly stoves, it’s amazes me that “materialists” would pack every nook and cranny with everything under the sun to possess for possible resale blows my mind.

Now, people may say that about fishing stuff and me as well, but I think I know when to stop. I’ve definitely fallen victim to buying plastics that I know I can sell. If I can design them a certain way and somebody buys one of my specialties, that’s a motivator for me. I’ve been selling things for forty-two years and still love every thing about it. I know people have seen me at the Latrobe Farmers’ Market week after week and returned only to tell me, “Hey Pee Vee. That lure that you showed me last week is still there on that display board. Why haven’t you sold that yet,” to which I answer, “You wait, one of these days you’ll come down here and it will be gone, so you better buy it now!”

The other day I gave thought to removing my sign out of my widow that states ‘Elect Jesus Your Savior.’ After all, November 8 has long passed and maybe I should post more relevant seasonal signs.

Now, I’m not talking politics or will ever do so in my columns, so don’t think that subject is next for discussion.

The first thought that occurred to me was to put it in my back room until some election pops up again and then alert the public that these signs are for sale below cost, may I add. I only have a limited amount left, anyway.

But then I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to “Keep it up!” And, of course, there’s a reason for that. What better time is there to get closer to Jesus than around His birthday anniversary? There is nothing like it than to invite or elect Jesus into your heart.

I may keep the sign up all year! Letting observers know anytime is the moment to begin a relationship with one’s Creator is worth more than one can imagine.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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