Off the Wall, Feb 27
, 2014

Tell me if this hasn’t happened to you. The day has come, you have gotten caught up with all your chores, the kitchen floor is scrubbed and the laundry is done. You feel you want to relax. Looking into the living room you eye the television. The first thing that pops into your mind is, “Why not!”

It’s off to the kitchen to prepare your favorite brew; some may prefer coffee while others, tea, maybe an iced drink, who knows. You fill all containers with the beverage of choice and carry the containers in the living room and set them down on an end table.

You are set.

Grasping the remote, you hit the power button holding it in long enough to hear the sound. You are a little familiar with what’s on at what time, for you have done this on and off in the last couple months or so.
It’s 4 p.m. on channel 211 and an announcement is made concerning what is going to be aired at the present time. We are all familiar with that. As we sit snug in our seats watching, sipping on the drink of our choice, a certain peace comes over us, for we know we are caught up and deserve a little time to ourselves. Some may call this “me-time.” We all need it, you know.

The plans are going along smoothly. It is my opinion that you are probably enjoying your drink more than the “tube series.”

Here is the part that blows all our minds; at least I feel I think I am not along when I say this.

An announcement will be flashed on the screen stating, “This is one show you don’t want to miss tomorrow. We will have the Three Little Piggies from Evan Brown’s farm. They will show us their new dance while doing the “Squeely-Meely,” the new dance that has caused the nation’s uproar in entertainment.

“Ah…man…I can’t see that,” you think to yourself. “Why did I even turn on the television? Now I’m going to be thinking about that all day long. Evan has always had so many wonderful animals on this show before. I’ll never forget the Mango Muppets, Allie, the foot and one half alligator with three feet, and “Golly the Goat.” It could twirl, whirl and act like a squirrel. Comparatively, today’s show is nothing like tomorrow’s. Why couldn’t I get it off instead?”

And so the saga goes on…

But this incident isn’t a one-time situation. It happens all the time. But let’s back up a minute and pretend such previews never occur. Don’t you think you would feel less inclined to look forward to tomorrow’s shows, whether they are on channels 211, 301 or 2?

Hope comes to us in various forms. Our whole life exists around this four-letter word. Just off the top of my head (where, by the way, my hair that is some 70 years-old, is now finding its way onto my clothing, down the drain in the shower or stuck in my hair brush) I can think o a number of ways we utilize that word:

  • “I sure hope my package from HSN arrives today. I ordered this purse that was on sale from $3,000
    that’s now on special yesterday for $199 and I have to have it. I love it!”
  • I hope I can be a good ambassador for God so I can attract others to His kingdom.
  • I hope I will be one of the chosen who lives forever with God in heaven.
  • I hope my guardian angel protects me as I go forth on my journey through life.
  • I hope the homeless can warm during these days of very cold temperatures.
  • I hope the past organist of Holy Family Church is enjoying her retirement.
  • I can only hope that the great programming such as the “Three Little Piggies” is aired when I have my day off.

I could probably fill two more pages with some of the thoughts I listed. Yes, all but one of the above are my hopes. I have to point out that I am not planning to be a trans-dresser and carry a purse. That statement came from a sales person with whom I spoke at Westmoreland Mall last month.

Instead, find a good book and get hooked on it. Then your hope of tomorrow may prove to be just as exciting as the “tubular” attractions!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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