Why Me?
Off the Wall, February 25,

How many times have you heard others exclaim, “Why me?” Or, “Why is this happening to me?” Or, “Why did God let that happen?”

I’ve heard all three, and I can only surmise, you have, too.

Just the other day, a woman contacted me to tell me that her doctor had diagnosed her with a particular ailment. Her first statement to me was, “Why me?”

While attending a get-together a friend told me about his brother adopting some children from another country. One was a nine year-old girl who soon would be having hip replacement surgery. What do you think went through the parents’ minds?

Look at yourself. What color skin are you? Don’t say ‘white’ if you are indeed Caucasoid. If you are not Asian, Mexican or Black, most likely you are Caucasoid, which is the correct term for what most people label as being ‘white.’

But here is what I’m getting at. If you have a particular skin color, did you ever say, “Why me?” or accept it, taking it for granted that’s how you were born, and so it goes, that’s it, and nothing more.

So much goes on in our lives from every day experiences to hard knocks, or what I call ‘falling into potholes,’ whereby things don’t go our way or line up with ways we think. Sometimes our first reactions are to raise our voices, counteract by disagreeing or worse, becoming combative in nature, showing disrespect by lashing out. In these times, does anyone ever state “Why me?” Sometimes, but most often, no thought is given to those two words.

Let’s examine the extenuating circumstances by using fictitious characters and their circumstances that I will pull out of my hat according to brain waves presented to me.

Tom Neermiller of Truboody, Florida, owned his residence and lived with one other gentleman. The fellow upstairs rented from him. Both had their own lifestyles, but also one thing in common. They each were more homebodies, as they were both hesitant about being around crowds of any sort. Harry Doophopper, Tom’s tenant would be seen at large get-togethers momentary and then disappear. Even in church, he would sit in the back of the room where he felt most comfortable.

Do you suppose either of these two men ever wondered “Why me?” “Why am I this way?”

Judith Hugken, Cravhim, New Hampshire, was married to a wonderful man who loved her very much. Both worked very hard as they realized that expenses must be met for the whole family and so they pursued their careers and did the very best they could have done. Very often, he had to drive miles away from home just to go where his job took him. She, on the other hand, was able to work in Cravhim. Mornings one could see her walking to work all year long, while he always drove to his destinations where he had to travel.

Did she ever think “Why me?”

In seeing that others are different than us should not make us judgmental concerning others’ lifestyles. Would I hear Tom, Harry or Judith stating, “Why me?” No, they are content. Let them be, for they are adults, aware of their circumstances. Let them carve out their own future.

Can you think of any other people that may have had the question raised in their mind when given a particular circumstance?

I have to state that as long as I have had health impediments, I have never stated “Why me?” I have learned to accept and adjust. Sometimes circumstances haven’t always been to my likings, but to readily have distractions are a real plus.

How about Mary, the mother of Jesus? Here was a 15 year-old virgin teenager who was told that she would bear a child. Do you think those two words went through her mind? I have to believe so. Just imagine you, a young girl, going about her chores in her home when all of a sudden, out of the blue, an angel speaks to her.

If I would have been her, the “Why me?” would have been stated aloud. In her case, she accepted it, words unspoken.

Realize everyone has a cross to bear. We have more blessings than we realize. Start your list with, “Freedom to breathe on one’s own,” second, “use and maintain all one’s senses,” and third, “drive.”

One other thing. Should we blame God for everything? Could it be that just maybe, someone made the wrong choice?

Share God’s love always!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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