Without You
Off the Wall, January 22,

I have a sneaking suspicion that you have never given it a thought that what the world would look like if you had never been born. Or, ponder the fact that someone may have not given you the chance to live in the first place whereby you were conceived but aborted. Think of the many people who could have counted on you, yet you were not present to make that difference.

When you read these statements, you may say, “That doesn’t apply to me, because I am alive and going about my duties whatever comes my way.” I have no doubt to that statement.

Here is something I want everyone who reads my column today to digest. Every person born will have an effect on someone else.

A mother who holds a newborn baby, cuddling it, looking down at it lovingly, realizes that a certain treasure has entered the world. She makes sure it is warm, caressed and nurtured. What follows thereafter is a name given to the offspring. “We will name this child after my great grandfather since he is our first born,” the father may state. “Aloysius was a chemical engineer, an aspiring standout in our community, and our son will follow in his footsteps and be outstanding, as well.”

If it’s a girl, the mother may state, “We shall name her Catherine after my aunt. She, too, was a great woman, and did many things to help others to lead better lives. We will teach our child to grow up and hopefully follow in her footsteps.”

Here’s the point I want to make. If a person had not been born at all, he or she wouldn’t be here to hopefully add a positive influence on others.

Paul Miserhoff, a doctor from Tampa, Florida, was born in the Bronx. His patients, several of them very impoverished, came to him because they knew of his excellent care that they would receive when needing something for their maladies. Instead of demanding money, the good physician would take possessions. After a period of time, he had quite a collection of items, a cane with a sword in it, a replica of a jaw jaw from the first man, and a piece of trans-Atlantic cable that was once laid on the ocean’s floor that extended from the United States to Europe.

What if Miserhoff had never been born? Yes, I can hear some say, “Well, somebody else would have been a doctor there. So, what’s the big deal?” Suppose if this person would have only taken cash and would not budge otherwise? There may have been a group of men, women and children that wouldn’t have received the medical care they needed. That would have definitely drawn concern, wouldn’t you say?

We who have been born have experienced many ups and downs through life. None of us have smooth sailed through the years of our growth. But in hindsight, that is never really that bad either. Hopefully we have learned lessons in life and corrected our ways.

I recall back in the late 70’s an employee turned to me and stated, “Why don’t we go church hopping. I know of one place I’d like to go.” Of consequence, my whole life turned around. I was reintroduced to Christianity. I gave my life to Jesus.

If this gentleman had not been born and hired by me, I may have never understood then that my direction of life was somewhat corrupt, compared to teachings in our Holy Scriptures. Instead of living a life persuaded by Satan, I now live a life led by God’s Spirit.

Sit back and think of the many people you have impressed upon since you were a child. I bet there were hundreds. Without you and your kindness, who knows where they’d be. You are loved by God and the many persons who have come to know you. You have learned the value of life itself.

Today, January 22, 2015, people by the thousands will be heading to Washington, D.C. to oppose Roe versus Wade, the decision that affirms the legality of a woman’s right to have an abortion under the 14th amendment of the Constitution. This annual March for Life movement has been an occurrence since the decision was rendered in 1973. This is our chance of speaking out to stand up and be heard.

More so, we who have been blessed with life must pray and intercede for those considering abortion. It’s the least we can do.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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