Woman's Work
Off The Wall, March 04, 2011

Last month, I was attending a meeting, when one gent, in the process of making a comment, laughed out loud and then inserted the words, “That’s women’s work!” That hit a sensitive note with me, believe it or not.

I sure don’t agree that there are jobs for women and others for men. If both sexes have integrated into the work force, then both have to also take responsibility in the home front as well.

I know I am going to make a lot of fellows mad at me now, but as the old saying goes, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Hear that guys?

Remember the vows that were taken when you stood before the minister or priest, and heard the words, “…two should become one…” Then you said, “I do.” What did you think you were saying when you agreed to partake in this union?

Hey guys listen up. If I got to do it, so do you. I sound as if this is a vendetta thing, but it’s not. I take pleasure in cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and other cares around the house.

Maybe awhile ago, when men spent long hours in the steel mills, and women took care of the families was that possibly the way of life.

In my opinion, from what I hear, women have a ton of work on the shoulders. I don’t want to hear guys making remarks referring to “women’s work.”

I know a good many homemakers, in addition to doing the cleaning, laundry, and making the meals for their husbands, will also take time out of their busy schedules to home school their children. Let me tell you guys, that takes a chunk out of a woman’s day.

Personally speaking, I don’t know how they do it. Say these families have five to ten kids, varied in age from two and one-half months to age 15. To care for the little ones, give special attention to each child and then to feed hubby when he returns from his place of employment, must be more than stressful to say the least. Thank goodness, all the families I have come to know have God in their lives and can turn to Him for guidance and relief.

Awhile back, my daughter gave us a gift of having a company come and clean our house. The people that showed up were all women. I know of another crew that cleans around the area as well. It consists of women as well. Hey guys, I think you are missing your calling!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there must be companies out there that offer these services, but being a senior, I just haven’t come across men going to people’s homes to clean – plain and simple.

Recently, while doing some tasks around the house, I began to hum a song. It wasn’t soon thereafter that I found myself scurrying to my desk to jot down the words that came to me to my head. I always associated this song with the Spanky and the Gang character, Alfalfa. It’s called “I’m in the Mood for Love.” However, I inserted my own words. So this is what I sung as I made my way from room to room: “I’m in the mood to clean, hand me a pail and clean rag; no you may think I’m kidding, to me it’s not a drag. First, I will sweep the floor, gone will be dirt and more. I’m in the mood to clean, don’t tell me life’s a bore.” That’s as far as I got. Oh, I could add more words. Maybe I’ll do so when I take privilege in pulling out the rub scrubber or our can of Pride.

Did you note that word, “our.” When married, everything’s that three-letter word. Yes, even the broom and dustpan.

Be happy it is not summer. Things get a bit easier during this season. No windows to scrub, grass to mow or flower beds to weed.

May I make some suggestions, guys?

If I were you, instead of buying the little lady flowers all the time (that gets old after awhile), run the dishwasher, clean the floors, vacuum, food shop, make dinner for the family, and dust. And here is what gets guys every time, at least it does me – scrub the bathtub – and yes, the toilet as well!

You’ll probably knock her socks off, so to speak, when you approach her and not only ask for cleaning supplies, but actually commence in doing so without her breathing down your neck to help out just a little bit with these everyday tasks.

If you could pull a zinger on her and “pitch in,” as my mother used to say, I have no doubt that chemistry that brought you both together sometime ago may just begin to bubble again. But never do I ever want to hear someone say, “That’s women work,

because in my book, “There ain’t no such thing!”

- Paul J. Volkmann
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