WOW Moments
Off the Wall, November 30 , 2017

Maybe you’ve never given this a thought, but each person has something occur in the course of one’s day’s journey that is the highlight of the full twenty-four hours. Maybe it’s something one did, heard or had the opportunity to share with another that one never thought could happen. Most likely one might come away with that adrenalin rush accompanied by the word, “WOW.”

And you know it. There may be more than one that have created such motivations in one’s life that caused one to go from one stepping stone to another.

I remember that when I first got the idea of making fishing lure necklaces, I threw the idea around in my head for several weeks before I procured the material and tools to actually give it a try. When the packages first arrived, each delivery in itself were little “WOW” moments that led up to bigger ones. When I accumulated all the necessary items, I proceeded to see if what I visualized in my noggin would actually materialize at my workbench. Guess what? As has been the traditions of my past when I stated, “I have an idea,” another one of my many again panned out.

The first thing I thought I should do is send some to my marketing engineer, my daughter, Kelsey, who would be honest about my endeavors and let me know what she truly thought. Pictures of her wearing one of my necklaces at different times began to show up on Facebook. What a trip! Not only making these products were “WOW moments, but seeing them displayed was real turn on.

One day several weeks ago, I had worked hard all day and not only became quite tired by evening, but got a bit depressed that I wasn’t able to finish as much as I had planned. When one gets caught in that mental slump, there are various avenues one can take. I like to turn to music. Some of the oldies have done the trick every time. I used to turn up the volume to Elton John’s, “I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues,” and blast it over and over again until all my depression left me. Weird to some people, maybe, but it worked for me, and really, I was my main concern.

Lately, musical competitions have appeared on television. Most of the songs I don’t know. But if a person gives a great soul rendition with tremendous feeling that stirs my inner being, it will require a volume increase along with a “WOW” moment, believe me when I tell you that.

Recently I attended a craft show at St. Rose Parish here in Latrobe. All my people connections were little “WOWs.” My big “WOW” came when I had the chance to address a priest who was receptive to what I had to say. The first thing he stated was, “Are you a priest?” I responded to the negative. He then followed by asking, “Then you must be a seminarian.” Again, I shook my head left to right to indicate I was not. I then said, “I am just a commoner asked to do something we all should be doing. He smiled with a grin from ear to ear.

Every day I experience one or more of these moments. I know others have, too, but never taken the time, maybe, to realize they made each day worth waking up. If one can, start mentally taking note of all that goes on in one’s life. Maybe someone smiled and greeted you, “Good morning. I hope your day goes well…” Maybe you tried a sandwich that you’ve never eaten before and found it to be beyond expectations. “WOW, this is sensational!” One’s expression of gratitude to another may be an unexpected “WOW” moment to the deserving.

Are you starting to sense what I’m getting at?

I was at Linn Run with my family one Sunday when the family decided to hike the trail that takes one to Flat Rocks. I toted my camera along hopefully to take a picture of my ‘kids.’ When I got to the water’s edge, I saw some leaves lying on the creek’s bottom almost as if they were glued there with water overflowing on them. I took a picture and had an enlargement made. It became a super “WOW” moment for me.

Never forget, all your “WOW” moments are true blessings.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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