Off the Wall, July 17,

We have seen the letters, ‘WWJD,’ as to mean, ‘What Would Jesus Do.’ They are usually seen on apparel, billboards or sometimes used in conversation.

But let’s suppose we take it one step further and add the consonant, ‘H,’ before the ‘D.’ Interpreted, it would stand for, ‘What Would Jesus Have Done…’ That brings on a different concept and broadens the horizons of possibilities as ways to react to certain situations. As would be the case, the following are a few instances that come to mind when using this abbreviation.

Let’s take Sarah Goodhart, Nopart, New York. She was raised by loving parents who taught her that self-giving was an honorable thing to do. So when time allotted, she would volunteer to help others any way she could. That included working in a hospital restaurant, collecting food for the needy and making submarine sandwiches for the high school debate club which would be sold the following day at the neighborhood mall.

One day while doing the latter, she was busily going about her duties when she heard three fellow students cursing in such a way that they were being disrespectful to other helpers. Their descriptive language intensified to the point that their vulgarity became so offensive that some people actually stopped what they were doing and stared at them.

This is where the big question enters in. WWJHD – ‘What would Jesus have done?’

Putting Jesus Christ in Sarah’s shoes, what would His response been, do you suppose? Would He have just smiled and allowed it to carry on, spoken up stating His disapproval, or stopped what he was doing and left?

I have to believe He no doubt would have brought up the fact that such language is not in good taste when in group activities, and if individuals are going to choose to continue to talk in such a manner, they either stop using the devil’s language or He will leave. Of course, somehow I believe He would have stated more than I have written here.

Danny Dinkhoffer, a tenth grader at Bingham High School, Marwood, KS, was a troubled youth. He would do anything to arouse attention due to his unstable disposition. One day he decided to bully a fellow student who was an honor roll achiever. Seeing that the teacher had just left the room to talk to someone in the hall, he turned to the young man one row over and a seat behind a brunette sitting to his left and belted the lad.

The young lady noted everything that had just happened. Let’s just say Jesus was sitting in her seat instead. First and foremost, would the troubled individual have taken upon himself to commit this action? What would Jesus have done after seeing this happen? Here again, I can only imagine that our Lord waited until the students were dismissed from the room whereby He would have taken Danny aside and spoken to him lovingly pointing out his wrong and that God would forgive his actions once he turned his life over to the Father and sought a new beginning and course for his life.

Marlene Fingerpickur, Litletown, MS, loved to go shopping with her friends. She and her fellow next store neighbors usually would walk down town, visiting the local pharmacy, card shop and a dollar store. One could count on seeing them every Tuesday. They were always laughing and having a good time.

One afternoon while in the dollar store, Marlene saw an item she wanted, but didn’t have any money. She decided to shoplift it, much to the dismay of the others. Right there and then one of the other girls saw what happened and convinced Marlene to return it before the management saw what happened. Was the Holy Spirit working through the other individual? That is a very possible option.

When it comes to differentiating between the two, WWJD and WWJHD, the first calls for immediate action, a premeditated act almost thought through before it happens. The second asks the question, ‘What would Jesus have done’ if He witnessed certain goings-on in this world where we humans fall victim to our weaknesses?

In my opinion, ‘…have done?’ are two words that enable us to piece the circumstances together to arrive at a more suitable outcome. One may arrive at the fact that Jesus may have used several approaches to remedy the situation.

Thus, WWJHD may be the better choice when faced with adversity.

- Paul J. Volkmann
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