You Promised
Off The Wall, Aug 20, 2010

Cindy Lou Snyder had no sooner gotten off the train, than she saw her boyfriend in the distance. Hoping he wouldn’t meet her there, she pretended not to see him. Finally he caught up with her and yelled, “Hey Cind, how was your trip?” Acting surprised, but a little less joyed, she stated in a monotone voice, “Oh hi Ronald.”

   Sensing something was different than it used to be, he asked, “Is there something wrong?” Trying to be a bit reserved, she revealed, “I met this nice guy on the trip, and I decided to make him my boyfriend.” Disheartened, he blurted out, “You promised to be my soul mate. I’m really hurt, “ to which she replied, “I’m sorry, Ronald,” and that was the end to that companionship.

   Unfortunately this type of relationship is not unusual. Sometimes people think that having boy or girlfriends are like commodities. One buys into someone else’s behavior patterns for a time, and then when a better “product” comes along, the older one is discarded. I have a feeling, this may have happened to you or people you know.

   But when we use those two words, “You promised,” how many other things come to mind. I know, the little woman told you to take out the garbage, but your forgot. You promised to return a book you borrowed but haven’t gotten around to it. Or, said you would visit me since I can’t get out, but you haven’t shown up for over a month. All these sound somewhat familiar?

   I remember back in high school, I used to hang with a kid named Frank. One day he called me and asked if I wanted to go fishing at Deer Lakes Park. We both decided he would pick me up at 10 a.m. I was pumped, to say the least. I couldn’t wait for him to show up. That all too important hour showed up. One hour passed, then two, and finally three. Finally, my buddy showed up. I was ticked, to put it mildly. “You promised to show up this morning. Where were you?” I blurted out. My anger didn’t seem to phase him. Somehow, he took it in stride, but I didn’t. I wasn’t brought up that way.

   It is my opinion that people generally have good intentions. Sometimes they not only say all kinds of things thinking they will come across with what they pledge, but also do so to make others feel good.

   “Sure I’ll come to every meeting,” may be a statement of common usage, but somehow habits dictate, and people just don’t show up.

   The phrase that always disturbs me is, “Even though you promised to do it, you really didn’t want to do it, so you didn’t” No way Hoosay! Here again, some of us have best intentions, but other thoughts get in the way, and somehow, they become more important.

   How many times, in the course of shopping, do you hear a mother scream at her kid – “You promised to be a good. Why are you being such a bad little boy!”

   A priest, counseling a couple who were considered a divorce commented, “When I married you six years ago, do you remember the words you promised to each other – ‘to have and to hold, until death doeth part?’ You were committing yourself to God by telling Him you would do all you could to maintain that bond. That is what He expects of you.”

   Some people will seek a loan from a bank. As part of the transaction, they will be required to sign a promissory note, which essentially is a signed contract to pay the money back. The bank employee may look you in the eyes and state, “If we give you the money, you promised to give it back with interest, is this not true?”

   When you entered into a closer walk with Jesus Christ, you promised to followed His Word as written in the Holy Scriptures, be loving toward your neighbor and forgiving just as He has forgiven you. Being intimate with your Lord and Savior is what it means to have a relationship with Him.

   Always remember your promises. They may come back to haunt you in the future!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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