Zip To Zap
Off The Wall, May 21, 2010

I can’t help but feel by now, somewhere out there amongst my vast audience, someone has collected the full scoop on me and knows pretty much all one has to know to write a book on my life. After all, I have revealed a lot of my personal stuff; some or all should have rubbed off on somebody somewhere. Anyway, just before you write the final pages, I want to divulge something I’ve never told anyone. I love romantic movies.

I can almost trust all those on television, because the older ones, thank goodness, lack the nudity that isn’t of any interest to me. But there is nothing like a good tearjerker where boy meets girl, they fall in love, and then for some reason, they part. Oh, but when it becomes exciting is when there is a rekindling, and the bond solidifies.

Some year’s back, I caught one of these flicks on the TV called “Betsy’s Wedding.” I never got to watch the whole thing. I often wondered what happened after the celebration.

That brings me the story of Jursie Schorr. He was a bartender who worked in a restaurant located along the boardwalk of Cape May, New Jersey. Beginning his fourth year college, working there summers, he attended Colgate University studying dentistry.

One day, a young lady happened into the establishment seeking directions to the area’s pharmacy. The two immediately struck it off, as the saying goes. A conversation ensued. Before long, Schorr asked the college student, in her twenties, to return to the place of business that evening so that the two could have dinner together.

Eagerly the lad waited for the return of the light of his life. He really didn’t know much about her. The hour had arrived. Not sure she would return, he stood behind the bar nervously waiting. All of a sudden, he overheard her voice as she exclaimed to a fellow worker, “Hi, I’m Barb Wyre. Can you lead me in the direction of Jursie Schorr. To make a long story short, I think she became hooked on him before he fell in love with her.

After both graduated, she from Brigham Young University, the two got married. It was a small wedding with mostly family and some friends from college. They honeymooned to a remote little town in Pennsylvania, for a week of seclusion before returning home to begin a life together.

Even though the couple consummated their marriage, they had no desire to have children. After a while, the once strong relationship waned. Both had faith that their partnership would bloom into better things, but neither would be giving toward the other. Eventually, their love for each other took a downhill dip. The two were co-habitating under one roof with only a marriage license holding them together.

By now, you are probably saying to yourself, “That’s not the type of love movie you like, is it Paul?” Righto! You’re probably going to say, “You made that up, didn’t you?” for which I’ll respond to the affirmative. What I wanted to do is parallel a “zip to zag” relationship.

First of all, love relationships can go any way, so what I described above could have been very real, if you think about it. After all, it seems today, any equation exists concerning those whom succeed and those who don’t.

Sometimes when someone wants to illustrate a point, the best thing is to tell a story. When that is understood, then everything else falls into place. Such is the case here.

When many people start a relationship with Jesus Christ, for example, or join a church to worship our Lord, they are full of zip, just as Jursie was for Barb. Then after a while, for reasons unknown, some church-goers mellow out thinking a little bit of faith in God is all that is needed. Then one gets the wild idea that, instead of faith, all one needs to donate money. “After all, that is as good as the other,” may be a comment made.

Finally, all love is completely drained for the Lord and nothing is left but going to, sitting in church for an hour and then departing. “Wow, if I have to sit there longer than I have to, I’ll just stay home,” one angry Steeler fan may state.

If you say you love the Lord and have faith in Him, why not return your love, doing as He asks, loving Him back, and being charitable to those around you. Now that is just like a romantic movie that I love to view - a love relationship in action!

- Paul J. Volkmann
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