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Senior Computer Associates' mission is to bring the citizens of the Greater Latrobe Area into the computer world through education and computers. 

The mission started in 1998 with computers given to the Latrobe Senior Center by the Latrobe Brewery.  A computer class for seniors was started by John Senko with the assistance of Mickey Radman.  At the present time there are four computer classes running at the Latrobe Senior Center .  Over 1,000 adults, men and women, husbands and wives and several physically challenged have graduated from the classes.  A free computer by the Associates is provided to all who wanted a computer.

The long range goal of the Associates is to have a computer in every household in the Greater Latrobe Area and to provide Internet access to all.  The Associates dream of the entire area having high speed wireless Internet Access at a low cost.  The vision is for the Greater Latrobe area to be wired together with the Internet through the Greater Latrobe Community Network (GLCN).  The Mission has begun - the vision is taking shape.

Accomplishments to date:

1.  Computer Classes at the Latrobe Senior Center, Adams Memorial Library, and the Unity   Branch of Adams Memorial Library.

2.  Over 400 Free Computers given away to adult citizens, senior citizen facilities and students.

3.  Assisted Adams Memorial Library to obtain new computers for patron usage.

4.  Assisted Adams Memorial Library in providing free wireless Internet Access for it's patrons.

5.  Pushed to have Latrobe-Unity Parks and Recreation on high speed Internet Access.

6.  Providing home computers to Middle School and Elementary School Students in the Greater Latrobe Area School District, Derry Area School District and Christ the Devine Teacher School in Latrobe.

7.  Investigating wireless Internet Access for the City of Latrobe.

8.  Provided free computers to the activities rooms of  the Loyalhanna High Rise, Wimmerton Place, Derry Station, Olympia Place, and the Ligonier Senior Center

9.  Assisting Penn State University, McKeesport Campus,  in their Senior computer learning and usage study.

10.  Provided computers to Adelphoi Village for their alumni student program.

11.  Provided computers for Veterans' programs in Pittsburgh.

12.  Provided free laptops to a grade school in Ghana, Africa.